Education problems in Pakistan and their solution

Education problems in Pakistan and their solution


Education problems in Pakistan and their solution is no doubt a topic that can change the destiny of our nation. If we get success in raising the literacy rate, then it means we are going at right path of developed nation. Increase in quality of education or literacy rate will also mean that people are having sufficient sources to get education. The more education opportunities an average person has the more strength we will see in economic prosperity.

There are some challenges as well for education that we need to solve out at individual level and then at government level. First of all, we need to see the technical side in our education system. The first one is our teachers and students are not well aware of the tech apps in education system. We are still using traditional ways to teach and learn in most of the educational institutes.

Use of IT in education is must

And the use of computers or IT gadgets in education will certainly involve the integration of technologies such as CD-ROMs, databases, multimedia and the internet applications. Changing education through the information technology revolution certainly challenges the credibility of our teaching system. Teachers are may be not an important factor as a communicator or informer in next 5-10 years. The role of teachers will change from teachers and educators to facilitators, tutors, planners and student learning assessors.

Internal and external control in educational improvement

Online learning modules will insist students to get latest skills in IT and explore advanced level technique. This is where teachers and schools play a role in providing internal control and external control. Internal control of students can be achieved through the appreciation of moral, ethical, cultural and religious values ​​in organizations and societies, the strengthening of life’s philosophy and principles by instilling the intention to bring about the good of the world as well as spiritual strength in any endeavor. External controls are implemented in the form of rules and regulations related to Information technology use.

However, external control can only be exercised while the student is in school and internal control is ongoing process regardless of time and place. This clearly shows that in every case, internal control must be given priority and appreciation as it directly train and develop the minds of students.

New Skills must be exposed to teachers

Education problems in Pakistan and their solution means changing the role of teachers requires that teachers must be trained and exposed to new skills so they know how to handle and use information technology effectively in schools. During the 8th-10th class, teachers should try to introduce advanced level programs gradually to students. Almost in each field we would see a role of Information technology.

However, teachers themselves must be proactive in gaining the skills required by their own learning. Not only teachers, school administrators and other education department staff also need computer literacy. This is because the use of computers is not limited to teaching and learning, but computer-aided management will be more efficient.

Clear indication of budget allocation:

Often we see provinces are not happy for the budget which is allocated for education in their province. The reason is whatever, each of the regions deserve a reasonable share for the developmental projects regarding education.

If we can’t spend money on education, then our think tanks must try to find ways to produce funds for education sector. If we train the people with most demanded skills, then we can expect productive professionals in our country.

Industry specific education should be promoted

Often we see cases where students are struggling to find a respectable job in their own homeland even after spending 16-18 years of education. The problem is the number of graduated students are more than the available quota of jobs.

The solution is we need to prepare individuals to handle technical works in this way they can work in multi-national companies easily. Because there is a less competition comparatively in technical fields.

We need to figure out what is the demand of current local market and international market? How can we deploy our workforce in Pakistan? How can we give better jobs to educated persons in Pakistan? How can we eradicate favoritism from education industry?

Passing system in our education sector

Another most important issue is the passing system of prevailing exams when we talk about education problems in Pakistan and their solution.  Almost each student wishes to pass the exam at any cost. The full focus and energy is to get the passing marks or exceptional grades. The less focus is the deep understanding about the subject. The practical implementation of the subject must be number one priority when you want to achieve excellence in a particular field.

Research based education is a real asset

When we keep our students busy throughout the year in preparing assignments and quizzes just to be prepared well for final exam then who will think with extra mile approach? Who will try to explore new aspects in one particular subject? Bookish knowledge just gives or provides a base. Remaining efforts must be to conduct further research on that subject in order to get noble prize in world.

If we don’t motivate students about this big prize how can they start thinking to do something big? If we don’t prepare then or if we don’t give them completely stress free educational environment, then how can we expect extra ordinary performance from students. That’s sad news when we see students get suicide due to stress in exam or when they get failed. It’s a headline almost each year. What does it demand from us?

Native language issue in education performance:

Obviously, we need to focus on the pattern of study as well. The mother language plays a key role in developing the concepts in students’ mind. If we see Japan or China, they have education in their own language. And are they not leading the nations in current scenario? Are we not well aware of the Japanese tech discoveries?

Our students feel language constraint a big problem even till their master level. English is vital and necessary it should be a medium of communication rather all technical education can be in native language if we want to see exceptional achievements from our Pakistani students. Obviously if we study English till 16 years then we can easily speak and understand it very well. The specific terms could be in English but a general mode of education should be in native language as French people are doing. This will not be a new thing if we also start practicing. Before talking about further if we focus on these education problems in Pakistan and their solution then we can see positive change in education sector.

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