5 questions you can ask from school going kid

5 questions you can ask from school going kid


When you send your kids at school then you should keep an eye on his performance. 5 questions you can ask from school going kid Every time you cannot rely on school’s annual or quarter reports. You need to ask simple important questions from your kids. In this way you can learn if he or she has any kind of issues indirectly. Don’t be always like a investigating parent, be polite and act like smart parents.

How was school today?

A dry “good” or “nice” is often the answer you get when you ask your child how it was at school. It’s an answer, yes, but you still don’t really know what the school day was like. We want to know more! Because it is so crucial and important to know what is going on at school, for example to know whether your child is having a good time. With these questions you will learn more about your child’s school day, without having to ask directly.

Daily life at school

It is helpful when you as a parent are aware of the daily life of your child at school. They spend many hours there and it is important that you know how your child is doing at school. There is another way to check your child’s progress – that is, you can also read reports and ask the teacher if there is some serious issue. It is actually even more important to know how they feel at school, how they interact with their classmates, and what they actually think during those school hours.

5 questions you can ask from school going kid

These five questions encourage your child to tell you more about the school day.

1. What was the best thing today?

A good strategy is to ask about the high to the lowest point. In this way you get a good idea of ​​the most pleasant and less enjoyable moments regarding your kids. Ask when you pick up your child, in the car, or during dinner. At some schools, children write down what they liked best at the end of the day and what they didn’t like about their school day.

This is also a nice routine that the teacher can get a lot out of and also something that you as a parent can apply at home. Critical thinking and self-analysis can be promoted through it.

2. Draw the school time & check the response

For many children – and adults! – it is difficult to express in words how they feel. It is then often easier to show feelings through, for example, a drawing. Ask your child to make a drawing of school, of his day, or of the teacher or master. Based on the drawing you can ask questions and start a conversation from which you might get very clear insights.

3. How did you like your lunch?

Did you find your sandwich tasty or dirty, or did you perhaps exchange a sandwich with someone? What did the others have with them? Who had the best lunch? And what was it? What was the rest of your break like? Who did you play with? The break is a moment to play freely, and to choose who you associate with. It is therefore also a moment that there is less control, and therefore the most exciting things happen. An important moment to ask for!

In this way you can easily come to know what kind of company your kids have. Are the kids social or not?

4. What did you learn today?

Yup, it looks a common question to ask but it is the same question that will ensure new activity at school. Each day a kid will think to do something productive if he or she has in mind that parents will ask about progress today.

You learn something new every day. Whether in arithmetic or language or during a skill such as learning to play, sing or dance together.

If you ask what they have learned, you immediately can show that the small steps in a learning process are very important. In addition, children feel competent when they see that they are making progress, no matter how small it may be.

5. If you could start again today, what would you do differently?

Looking back on the day and thinking about what you would do differently is something that many intelligent persons do. And that’s not a surprising thing.

It is an accessible question for children to find out if something bad has happened at school. It will also insist kid to keep exploring for better.

The search for best things keep us active. If you get to know the kids are not satisfied with their past days, then try to motivate them. And make them believe in themselves that they can do much better ahead.

So, these points will definitely brighten the personality and future of your kids.

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