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Through proper Arts and design courses professional graphic designers can be produced. Whether you want to increase the sales or you want to increase the brand awareness of some company, you will need creative designer. Information technology programs are really helpful for the graphic designers or animators. If a student is not interested in medical field or  he has no interest in engineering and science group then they have an opportunity after the matriculation to join Arts and Design group.

Here you will find a lot of courses and diplomas which are related to art and design which are held each year after secondary school certificate.

Some foundational courses are given below:

  • Fine arts diploma in graphic designing
  • Diploma in product design
  • Diploma in web designing
  • Diploma in glass ceramics
  • Diploma in printing and graphics
  • Short courses of interior designing
  • Diploma in floral designing
  • Diploma in animation technology

Fine arts

Basic finance covers a lot of Humanities and arts subjects. It is also a two year higher secondary school certificate after which students can attend the bachelor degree in different government and private institutes of Pakistan. For example, a student can go for Bachelor of arts, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Social Science, LLB and a number of other potential diploma courses.

Subjects of Fine Arts:

Let us discuss the the subjects which are compulsory as well as elected. You will see English, Urdu, Pakistan studies and Islamiyat as compulsory subjects.
Now the elective subjects would be Economics, Education, Statistics, Geography, Islamic elective, sociology, civics and education.

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