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In 2019-2020 the importance of computer education cannot be ignored. Everything is coming into the domain of information technology. It has its own worth and importance in different organizations. Intermediate course in computer science opens up doors for BCS or BS Computer Science.
Students who have skills in computer information technology, can get the job easily whenever we compare such students with General Arts backgrounds. Computer IT students have a bright future. They know how to install the programs in their systems. They know how to manage office work. They also know how to organize the software and systems. They have knowledge about connectivity with other systems in the office. They know how to deal with the database system. Computer graduates also know the networking issues.

Computer science is not only concerned with the programming. It has many branches. For example, computer scientists can resolve a lot of issues which are related to their specific departments. Some computer information related subjects are taught in intermediate classes which we will discuss here.

  • AutoCAD short program
  • ICS
  • CAD short program
  • diploma in computer software
  • web designing
  • graphic designing
  • multimedia course
  • diploma in computer hardware
  • fusion 360 short course
  • Data entry short program course
  • Digital marketing etc

Brief Introduction about ICS:

ICS is a theoretical and practical knowledge of computer and mathematics. You can say it is a study program of 2 years and fall into the category of higher secondary school certificate. A lot of repeatable colleges like government as well as private colleges in Pakistan are offering the ICS course.

One of the top institutes in Pakistan is no doubt Punjab group of colleges and Hadaf group of colleges. They are producing a lot of position holders each year continuously. Let us discover some subjects which are covered in the ICS program of 2 years.

You know the compulsory subjects would be English, Urdu, Pakistan Studies which is normally taught in the 2nd year and also Islamiyat.

Elective group:

In elective subjects you will find physics, mathematics, computer science and economics.
After doing the ICS program students can go for software engineering. They also can apply in bachelor of computer science or BBIT as well.

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