Deadline is Near of Common Wealth Scholarship for Pakistani Students


The scholarship is provided to financially aid the students who due to lack of resources are unable to pursue higher studies in United Kingdom.

The scholarship provides financial aid to students from the common wealth countries of which Pakistan is a part.

The scholarships is provided to students from the common wealth countries on the ground of sustainable development in their home country.

The scholarship is provided to equal number of male and female applicant.

Courses and Levels of Study and Institutes:

The scholarship is provided in programs where there is room for development in Pakistan. The scholarship is provided in all fields that are a must for a countries progress and advancement.

For example latest technological subjects like data science, cyber security and financial technology etc. environment protection relevant courses like water engineering, aquaculture, biodiversity and its conservation etc.  All types of courses related to health, hospitality, disaster management, education are covered.

The scholarship for the courses are provided at Masters and PhD level.

The complete list of programs is provided.

The scholarship is provided in various institutes of United Kingdom.

Duration and number of the Scholarship:

  • For masters the duration in 1 year.
  • For PhD the duration is 2 years.
  • The scholarship is provided to almost 80 students.

Scholarship Rewards:

  • Complete tuition fee.
  • Amount for airfare.
  • Spouse allowance of £233.
  • Child allowance of £465.
  • Grants for airfare, travel and warm clothes.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a citizen of Pakistan.
  • Must have 1 year teaching experience at university level in Pakistan.
  • Must have high academic excellence.
  • Must have never studied in United Kingdom beforehand.
  • Must submit financial report addressing the inability to support education in United Kingdom.

Documentation and Application Procedures:


  1. HEC online application form.
  2. Reference, recommendation letters, research plan and statement of purpose.
  3. Verified academic transcripts and domicile certificate.
  4. Copies of CNIC issued by the government of Pakistan.
  5. Passport issued by the government of Pakistan.

Application procedure:

  1. The Pakistani student must first apply in HEC then on common wealth online portal.
  2. The Higher education commission Pakistan is responsible body to conduct the test and interview of Pakistani students.
  3. Then the Pakistani student must submit the application for common wealth to complete their application procedure.

Deadlines and dates:

The deadline for submission of application at common wealth is 20 November. By now the Pakistani student must have submitted the form at Higher education commission Pakistan, now they are required to submit the forms for common wealth assessment, in case they fail to do so they won’t be considered for scholarship.


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