Education in Pakistan Can Help Development

Education in Pakistan Can Help Development


Education must be achieved at any cost. Education is one of the fundamental requirements of every human being whether rich or poor, male or female. Education in Pakistan Can Help Development This is a basic human right. If we look, the difference between human and animal is due to education.

Education for children

Education is very important, especially for children. Because the age of children really needs assistance, guidance, and direction that is clear and good. Don’t let the children be neglected and get no education at all, because it will also affect future generations of the nation.

With education, children also get and know new things. For example, children who have just entered kindergarten, they will feel very happy because they feel they have new things, including toys, friends, and so forth.

Education is the guarantor of growth for any nation or culture. It is the education that causes the rise and fall of nations. It is a fact that developed countries have made their place in the world with the help of high quality education.

We should note that education must be effective and purposeful. Education has always been essential and this is one of the reasons for the development. Countries like China, Japan, USA have always given more significance to the education sector than any other sector and have benefited and developed from this sector.

Getting an education means not only getting a degree from school, college, university, but also learning to discriminate and cultivate a culture so that one can take care of one’s social traditions and society. Education is the adornment that adorns the character of man.

Need to strengthen Educational Institutes

The defense budget of the countries of the world whose overall economy has been ruined is worth billions of rupees, but the budget for education is almost non-existent, this is the cause of their destruction. If any country wants to develop, it must strengthen its educational institutions. The nations that have developed to this day have done so only through knowledge.

Education data in Pakistan

According to Pakistan’s reliable education statistics, 22% of primary schools in Pakistan are run with the help of only one teacher and approximately 14% have only one room. 40% of schools have no electricity, 32% of schools do not have clean drinking water, 45% of schools have dilapidated buildings and 7% of schools have no school buildings.

According to education experts, the 60% literacy rate in Pakistan is an obstacle to the country’s economic growth. The specific situation in the education sector in Pakistan has been unsatisfactory and according to official figures, 22 million children still do not go to school.

Curriculum and Teaching Method

One of the basic elements of the curriculum is the teaching method. It is crucial for teachers to adopt the conventional methods as well as the latest teaching methods and apply their teaching strategies to suit the occasion. Old and traditional methods are still used in Pakistan today. Old textbooks are still part of our curriculum. Education is the only way we can improve our future generations. Education can also reduce poverty.

Education is a process through which an individual and a nation gain self-awareness, and it is a means of refining the consciousness of the people who make up that nation. It is the education and training of the new generation that makes them aware of the ways of life and makes them realize the purpose and duties of life.

It is through education that a nation transmits its cultural, intellectual and intellectual heritage to future generations and instills in them an attachment to those purposes of life.

The government Efforts to Improve Education Quality

The government can improve the quality of education in the country by following a few suggestions. In addition to providing education, the educational environment in rural and backward areas should be improved.

Provide a level playing field for girls so that they can contribute to the development of the country. In backward areas where the education system is poor, qualified teachers should be sent and supervised. The annual performance of the teachers should also be checked and rewards should be given to the teachers who give good results so that they can be encouraged. Electronic classes should also be arranged for the students so that the students can also benefit from the latest technology.

Government Funding for education sector

Despite government funding, little attention is paid to educational buildings. Even today, in lots of backward areas, children are forced to take classes in the open instead of in classrooms. On the one hand, our education system is very poor, on the other hand, there is a severe shortage of qualified teachers. Teachers teach children not as a duty but as a debt. Teachers seem to fail to develop children’s minds. In addition, the flaws in our education system could jeopardize the future of generations to come.

The move by the government is good in that case only when it supplies free education up to primary level under which the government provides free books to children up to primary level and fees are also waived.

The government’s job is not only to provide aid but also to enforce it. There should be standard of proper education in such schools where the government waive off the fee.

The government should implement such conditions and regulations under which it is ensured that youngsters are being supplied free education up to primary level. There are so many dreams that someone wants to realize, ranging from wanting to be rich, wanting to be a popular figure, and being a successful person who is respected by others. The main key to be able to get all of these things is education.

Education is started with early age

Education can also begin with babies who are still in the womb. Like what many people do, which is playing music beside the mother’s stomach, echoing the call to prayer beside the mother’s stomach, and the most widely done is reading the Quran letters near the mother’s stomach.

The activity is carried out so that the baby is accustomed to hearing good things and it is hoped that when the baby is born it can mimic the activity. This shows that education can not only be done in the scope of the school, but education can be done through any means such as through family, community, or so on.

Education in Pakistan Can Help Development
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Education in Pakistan Can Help Development
Education in Pakistan Can Help Development This is a basic human right. The difference between human and animal is due to education.
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