Education system in Pakistan


Before reading about education system in Pakistan we should try to understand some important structure that we have in these days in our schools or colleges. Today’s and future high school students are a diverse group, some of whom need additional support for their studies. High school students are now in an unequal position when providing special education is at the discretion of the education provider. Adequate support services are an important factor in ensuring that every young person can complete a postgraduate qualification with complete ease and at affordable rates.

Complex master degree education system:

The education or facilities for graduation study must be a lot for 2020. The jobs are not available for everyone so at least there should not be complex situations for the aspirants.

Collaboration between secondary and Higher Education:

Collaboration between secondary and higher education institutions is one of the key areas for the development of upper secondary education. As suggested, the organizers of the training should organize the study pattern in cooperation with one or more higher education institutions.

This kind of educational cooperation helps the high school student to find his or her own path, but high-quality and sufficient study guidance is also needed.

The cooperation with the higher education institution also includes a proposal for the transfer of credits to upper secondary education. In this way, the criteria used by high schools and universities would be uniform, which could facilitate the acceptance of university studies into high school studies.

However, it remains open whether the credits would also take into account the independent study of high school students. Credits in higher education also include student independent work that is officially assigned to students. Until now, the scope of high school courses has been defined only as the amount of teaching.

From the point of view of student’s legal protection, of course, it would be welcome to set limits on the required independent work. However, care must be taken to ensure that sizing does not increase the workload from the current one.

Is joy of learning Disappearing?

We know from research that many high school students are already on the brink, many are exhausted under the load and the joy of learning is disappearing. Credits are still to be considered in relation to the amount of work the students are currently doing.

However, there are also significant shortcomings in the draft law, to which the college or university administration wishes to clarify after the consultation. These include addressing bullying and the involvement of students in the development of education.

Just protecting against bullying, violence and harassment is not enough; teachers and principals must be obliged to intervene and report to the bully and guardian, as it is mentioned in the Basic Education Act. According to the School Health Survey almost 45% of high school students who encounter bullying feel that school adults do not intervene in bullying.

The reforms which are now under way must also create the conditions for the continued development of high school and student involvement.

The backbone of this development must be the systematic collection of anonymous student feedback. For this reason, we believe that the reform should start the construction of a national high school feedback system.

Young graduates are better taxpayers

We want to reduce study times so that careers can be extended from the beginning. Students, in particular, have criticized the idea of delaying their studies because of work.

Although working often justifies delays in studies, work done during studies does not accrue to the state tax bracket in the same way as a graduate’s salary.

In the study, we compared student income. It turned out that students’ age did not matter much in terms of income during their studies, but after graduation, of course, younger graduates were able to earn much more.

Are student unions beneficial?

High school is made up of a school community and cooperation between high school students. According to the Upper Secondary School Law, every high school has a student body. So on this page you will find tips, support materials and information on training for high school student union activities!

Student union activities provide an important channel for students to independently influence matters that concern them. Each year, the student body elects a board from among its members to represent the entire student body. The student union board and the high school staff work together to hear the students and bring about representative democracy in high school.

You can read about participatory and democratic methods in upper secondary school here.

It is advisable to communicate with students as well, for example:

  • Planning the academic year, such as working and holiday times, course tray schedule, and hourly charts
  • Preparation of a local curriculum such as practical arrangements for teaching, student care and guidance
  • University rules and implementations
  • Arrangements for test weeks
  • Course planning such as teaching methods and assessment
  • Use and equipment of common areas

There are a number of different working groups at different schools, such as a teacher meeting, a student support group and numerous other groups dealing with different areas of activity.

Students should be keen in studying and they are the ones to go through the whole process of educational path. That’s why it is important that students have the opportunity to choose their own representatives in these institutions.

Everybody Involved in Educational Development

Yup everybody is involved in the growth of education standard for some school or college. It should be noted that teachers without students’ feedback cannot get the proper picture.

Students also face issues at school or college level. The administration should think what kind of activities will support the current curriculum.

Some tips are given below which will definitely improve the educational research and trend in colleges and schools:

  1. Ask the questions which students can answer in logical way
  2. Draw some sketch and ask the students to give their response
  3. Try to analyze the different problems of students, address them and give a proper solution

Education system in Pakistan

Education system in Pakistan has become like a business industry and in most of the cities. Few recognized institutes are providing the real value in the field of educations. For example, PGC or Punjab University. They are building the valuable resources for the improvement of educational sector.

Teachers’ salaries should be very high so that they don’t find or arrange private mentoring. In this way the teachers will focus on their primary jobs either in public or private sectors educational setups only.

The students get stuck as well in their busy student life. In the morning they attend the school or colleges and in the evenings they go to academies. When they come back at home then they feel worried about the home work which is assigned to them in colleges or in academies.

The results are very discouraging sometimes. The end results for students is low because the health of students is also affected most of the times. There is no healthy activity and the stress level gets increased.

Some students suffer from a kind of complex that they cannot excel in the field of study. It is not because of their mental level. Rather it is because the boring and long study hours force them to give poor performance.

We need to rethink that how can we improve educational system in Pakistan. If we do not improve the system, then it will have one meaning that we cannot see development or change in our system. We are just forcing the students to pass the and cover the syllabus in any way. They are not able to do proper research and understand the concept.

If they do not understand the concept, then ultimately they cannot introduce the developments in their respective fields of study. So, the management or higher authorities should think how can we improve the education system in Pakistan and how can we make it more productive.

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