Fatima Jinnah university fee structure

Fatima Jinnah university fee structure


Fatima Jinnah university fee structure is considered one of the top universities in Pakistan. The main purpose of Fatima Jinnah University is engaged in innovative ways to empower the social development by offering top class education.

Fatima Jinnah university fee structure

In this article we will be covering Fatima Jinnah university fee structure for the students who want to get admission in FJWU in 2020 or admission in FJWU 202. The fee structure is further divided into

  • Undergraduate Fatima Jinnah university fee structure
  • Fatima Jinnah university fee structure for graduate programs
  • Doctoral degree programs & Fatima Jinnah university fee structure

These studies programs & Fatima Jinnah university fee structure would be like so,

  1. Fee structure for Bachelor degree programs at FJWU about Rs, 150,000 in total where admission fee will be Rs. 7,500 and registration fee is Rs. 5,500. You can say total fee for one semester will be Rs. 42,025
  2. Fee schedule for master’s programs 2020 will be Rs. 2,000 for library security fee and admission fee is Rs. 7,500. The Endowment funds will be Rs. 1,000 and one semester fee will be Rs.27,025
  3. BSE or BCS degree programs at FJWU
  4. Fee structure for Self-support BS SE at Fatima Jinnah Women University is Rs. 81,100/- where one semester fee is about Rs.66,100
  5. Fatima Jinnah university fee structure for M. Phil programs will be Rs. 61,700 and Rs 25,700 at time of admission for arts subjects. M. Phil Science means you need to arrange about Rs. 68,700/-
  6. Fee schedule for Ph.D. Science programs is Rs. 68,700 and Fatima Jinnah university fee structure for Ph. D program fee structure is Rs. 61,700/-

Fatima Jinnah Women University has set nice standard in education. As we know a real “live” academic seminar and project teams are unique platforms where new ideas, insights, breakthroughs in scientific thought arise in the intellectual interaction of students and teachers. Lone researchers and inventors are a thing of the past, discoveries are made by large, well-coordinated teams. Therefore, it is very important to be able to productively interact with teachers and future colleagues. If there are such seminars and project groups in the university, you will certainly learn to work in a team.

These things you must see in the university before you get admission there.

FJWU has a democratic internal environment

Ideally, a good institution should be free from rigid hierarchies. In classrooms, people from different social strata, with different beliefs meet on equal terms. The professor is not an unquestioning authority, but the first person who keep the strong bounding among students. This liberal environment encourages the circulation of knowledge, as evidenced by knowledge management professionals.

Thanks to the quality of education in this university, the dominance of the English language in the world of politics, business and science has finally been consolidated. Excellent knowledge of English gives you confidence that you will be competitive in the modern world.

It will also enhance your grip over research activities as all the academic syllabus is in this language in Pakistan. We also see a quality level in selection of applicants. For example, the exam filter allows you to create an initially quality environment. Although the criteria for selecting the best and most worthy may be different. When you went through the competition of 30 people for a place, you have a sense of responsibility and a certain elitism.

Competing with others

Everything good in the human world is the result of selection. Any competition is good. Competing with others, a person inevitably tries to become better. This is a very powerful incentive, and you cannot avoid its beneficial effects. Unfortunately, elimination in such a situation is inevitable, not everyone reaches the finish line.

A good university must promote such things in candidates. Similarly, the student masters the mechanisms of acquiring new knowledge and fosters a lifelong need for learning.

Now it is not “square”, stereotyped thinking that is valued, but the ability to reason critically and independently. The development of “right hemisphere” is facilitated by the techniques aimed at awakening creative, inventive thinking.

A person who does not know how to study, what to study seriously, mastering more and more complex specialties, finds himself/herself in a deliberately losing position. That’s why Fatima Jinnah Women University is offering coaching facilities to each student with proper attention. As you know Fatima Jinnah University Fee Structure is quite flexible as well as after seeing the above-mentioned qualities, we can say it is going to be good decision to get admission in FJWU.

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