Urdu university Karachi admission

Urdu university Karachi admission


Urdu University Karachi is quite famous in Karachi. And FUUAST basically located at MSC Block 9 in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi – 75300. Details of Urdu university Karachi admission here.

Major Departments in Urdu University Karachi:

Before knowing about Urdu university Karachi admission let us see the major departments there.

  1. Urdu university Karachi admission in IT Department
  2. Urdu university Karachi admission in Medical Department
  3. Urdu university Karachi admission in Law Department
  4. Urdu university Karachi admission in Islamic Studies
  5. Urdu university Karachi admission in Science & Technology
  6. Urdu university Karachi admission in Business Administration
  7. Urdu university Karachi admission in Pharmacy
  8. Urdu university Karachi admission in Arts

Urdu university Karachi admission are open in following categories. Each student is required to study the requirements carefully and apply for admission in Urdu university Karachi at right time.

Urdu university Karachi admission types

Following are the types of admissions in Urdu University Karachi.

  • Urdu university Karachi admission for private students
  • Urdu university Karachi admission 2020 for evening students
  • Urdu university Karachi admission for morning session
  • Urdu university Karachi admission for foreign students

Urdu University Admission BS 4 years degree program:

If you want to get admission in Bachelor of Science 4 years degree program Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi campus for Science & Technology degree then it is best option for you. If you have achieved your intermediate degree with at least 50% marks in Science Subjects then you are eligible to get admission in Urdu university.

You may want to continue your career in Chemistry, Zoology, Physics, Bio-Technology or Botany then Urdu university Karachi admission will help you to make your career bright.

Urdu University Karachi Admission in Pharmacy:

If you want to continue your study in Pharmacy program then this is right option for you. Intermediate Pre-medical with at least 60% marks will make you eligible to get admission in Pharmacy discipline. Basically, Pharm D program is of 5 years and Urdu university admission is also open on self-finance base.

Normally in the month of November each year Urdu university Karachi Admissions are opened. This university has special place in medical study programs. Once you get admission in medical study programs then you are good to go with any of the following fields.

  1. Medical laboratory course
  2. Public Health & Population Sciences
  3. Pathology
  4. Health Administration and Management
  5. Health Epidemiology
  6. Health Data Structure
  7. Basic Disease Codification
  8. Medical Records Clinical Laboratory
  9. Introduction to Psychology
  10. Ethics & Health Law
  11. Service Evaluation
  12. Health Service Management
  13. Practicum Operator of Medical Record Information System
  14. Electronic Health Record

Urdu University Karachi Admission Arts BS 4 years Program 

Some students will like to study Mass Communication or International relations and some would go for Islamic history as bachelor of Science degree 4 years program. Similarly, engineering degree programs in Urdu university Karachi are helping the youth. Because technology is our asset for future. The technological advances of this century are driving a sustained process of global transformation of the production structures of goods and services that indicate year after year more and more unskilled jobs will be destroyed. And the demand for more highly skilled labor resources will increase.

This means that the educational level of a country is essential to determine the growth rate of the population’s standard of living. The economic advancement of a nation today does not depend mainly on the existence of natural resources (agriculture, mining, fishing, hydrocarbons), but on the level of qualification of its workforce. This century is the century of science and technology, tech advances are increasingly accelerated, for example in the area of robotization of industrial processes.

In this century, educated people and their ideas contribute not only to their professional development, but also to the wealth of nations. The Urdu university is today the most important institution in the process of accumulating knowledge; It not only houses the basic sciences, but also spawns magazines, books, and databases to communicate knowledge around the world.

Universities are the main providers of training in the new specialties that are emerging, work strengthened by the growth in the international circulation of academics and students. The “brain drain” is common today in the globalized world.

The level of knowledge accumulated by the inhabitants of a country is today the best guarantee of its advancement. The Economist was right when it stated: ” The strength of a society depends mainly on what is in the head of the people. For this reason, Japan and Germany were able to recover quickly at the end of the Second World War, even though their cities were reduced to ashes. ”

If we take into account the size of the populations, in our country we enroll more university students than many countries, therefore we should assume that if we have more students, we should also have more graduates, but this is not the right case, quite at opposite side we may go.

Graduates are in high number but main issue is jobs availability. They don’t find enough opportunities to work in idea situation.

Urdu University Karachi Admission in MA 2 years (Islamic Studies)

If you want to complete your degree in two years and you are interested in religion then MA Islamic Studies is best for you. Spend a couple of years and make your life better because you can get the know-how of Islamic values and teachings. You can spend your life in better way.

Nations are leaving behind a time when natural resources were decisive. In this century the nations that accumulate human capital grow; For this reason, the university, the educational level of the secondary students who access it, and the effectiveness and quality of university graduation are increasingly important every day. We need more and better college graduates. We need to have easy process of admissions in our universities.

Some universities have high admission fee, university lab funds, sports funds and a lot of other miscellaneous expenses make up a big total. In this situation we need to see which students need special discounts? If we drop any brilliant student from a university then it may b a loss for our future.

Urdu university Karachi admission

So, at time of Urdu University Karachi Admission you can see available discount options as well from this university. On one hand the courses selection needs your high attention and on the other hand you need to see which kinds of scholarships are available here.

Urdu university admission team has a panel who can introduce you with different subjects’ courses. You can take their opinion as gift and then discuss with your friends. Sometimes our friends do not know which course has scope in present and future. So, you should not rely on one source before getting Urdu University Karachi Admission.

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Urdu university Karachi admission
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Urdu university Karachi admission
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