Impact of covid-19 on education

Impact of covid-19 on education


Study modules reached to an innovative way during covid-19. The Impact of covid-19 on education will be remembered forever. Overnight, millions of students of all ages and educational levels had to continue their learning from home. Confinement has suddenly transformed a sector that, until now, had low digitization rates. Thus, teaching activity based on the presence of teacher and student in the same space gives way to a new digital scenario, which opens the door to innovative formulas with the potential to enrich the training process.

Impact of covid-19 on education

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Future model of education:

This forced adaptation has been a general test for the future model of education and has accelerated the digitization of the sector in an irreversible way. This is one of the main conclusions of the educational conferences held during corona virus season under the title ‘The future of digital education after covid-19’.

The experts in education industry believe, “We were going to take decades to arrive at that model for the future. Now, we will do it much earlier.

Incredible increase in digital education after Covid-19

The founder of Smartick, a platform that offers an ‘online’ method for children from four to 14 years of age to learn mathematics, highlights an “incredible increase” in the demand for its services: its student base has tripled in the period of quarantine. Educational experts clarified that, as the recovery progresses, there will be a return to normality in which a large part of the face-to-face activity will be resumed, but the pandemic has involved “forced training with the use of digital devices for students and teachers to discover the benefits of digital learning, which are of course unlimited. ”

Transition of education to a new model

Digital education and connectivity infrastructures have allowed something that would have been impossible just a few decades ago: the continuity of training activity despite the closure of all face-to-face centers for months.

Process without complications

However, it has not been a process without complications. “The system was not ready to go 100% digital overnight; we have found that many educational centers, teachers and students did not have the necessary tools.

What enriches the methodology is that hybrid formula in which the technical but also the human part is developed, this can be effective way for digital education. Students can share their queries fast with the teacher.

Education is a “little digitized”

We acknowledge that education is a “little digitized” sector and “the covid will be a great promoter to turn what was previously a dream i.e – digital education – into a global standard with over 1,600 million students. The confinement was a strong blow to those centers whose models were 100% face-to-face education.

In this transformation triggered by the pandemic, startups which work in the tech field take on a prominent role. In this sense, the entrepreneurial ecosystem observes how digital education has reached cruising speed and has become one of the star sectors of the present and future. “The ‘startups’ respond very quickly and agile when they see challenges and needs, so we are seeing how new projects are born and existing ones receive more visibility.

Impact of covid-19 on education
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Impact of covid-19 on education
Study modules reached to an innovative way during covid-19. The Impact of covid-19 on education will be remembered forever.
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