MS software engineering in Pakistan

MS software engineering in Pakistan


Before reading about MS software engineering in Pakistan let us study about what is the software engineering concept in detail? Software Engineering is deemed as a professional and technical program that studies the way of software development including the creation, maintenance, management of software expansion and management of organizational performance with IT equipment.

IEEE Computer Society

According to the IEEE Computer Society, software engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined and quantified approach to the development, use or maintenance of software. It is also a study of the specific approach, which we call the engineering for the software working conditions.

MS Software Engineering in Pakistan

When you are enrolled in MS software engineering in Pakistan it means you are going to learn about process of software development as well as a process to check, maintain and improve the workings of software applications. A very big field if you talk about 2020 top degree programs in Pakistan.

Learn the conversion of Software

Software engineering is the conversion of software to develop, maintain, and rebuild a technical process by using the principle of re-engineering that can work more effectively for users.

Introduction of Software Engineering

The term software engineering, was first used in the late 1950s and around the early 1960s. In 1968, NATO held a conference on software engineering in Germany and then continued in 1969. Although the use of the word software engineering is input of the conference which caused a powerful debate about the engineering aspects of software development, many people considered the conference to be the beginning of the growth for the engineering profession related to software applications.

Software Engineering in Pakistan is used as a discipline that is studied from the Vocational High School level to the university level.Software Engineering at the vocational level usually studies fields such as Programming Languages, Web Designinig skills, Knowledge of the Intellectual Property Law and so on, depending on the school and curriculum each year.

The Purpose of MS Software Engineering in Pakistan

In general, the aim of Software Engineering is to strive to produce high-performance outputs of different applications with proper completion time and low cost. More specifically we can state the objectives of software engineering are as follows:

  1. Producing software that has low maintenance costs
  2. Producing software that can work on various types of platforms
  3. Producing high-performance, reliable and time-effective software.
  4. Obtain low software production costs.

Vital fields of MS Software Engineering in Pakistan

In the below mentioned part we will be defining the key elements which students of MS Software Engineering in Pakistan deal with. The scope of software engineering is briefly mentioned here.

Understanding about Software Requirements

It is related with software requirements which students need to fulfil if they want to develop a new software application.

Understanding of Software Development & Testing

It is concerned with the details of software development, including algorithms, coding, error finding and testing.

Understanding of Software’s Performance

It includes testing on overall software performance then launching a complete software officially for a business

Understanding of Software Maintenance

In this module students will study about maintenance efforts when the software has been operated.

Understanding about Software Configuration Management

As the name shows it is connected with the efforts to change the configuration of the software to meet certain needs of a given industry.

Understanding about Software Engineering Management

This relates to the management and measurement applications’ workings, including software project planning.

Study of Software Engineering Tools and Methods

This includes a theoretical study of software development tools and methods.

Understanding about software layout

This technique consists of examining the overall look of structures, elements, connections along with other attributes in the application.

Study of Software Quality

This focuses on the quality and life cycle of the software.

Understanding of Software Engineering Process

This pertains to the execution, classification, measurement, supervision, change and enhancement in the Software Engineering method.

Almost 40 universities in Pakistan are delivering education for MS software Engineering in Pakistan.

  • UCP
  • University of Agriculture
  • Government college university
  • NUML (National university of Modern Languages Islamabad)
  • University of Sindh
  • Mehran University of Engineering & Technology
  • National university of Science & Technology
  • Quaid-e-Azam University
  • Riphah International University

These are some of the universities that are offering 2 years MS in software engineering in Pakistan degree.

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MS software engineering in Pakistan
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MS software engineering in Pakistan
Before reading about MS software engineering in Pakistan let us study about what is the software engineering concept in detail?
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