Importance of CPEC for Pakistan

Importance of CPEC for Pakistan


China’s Vision and Investment:

 The importance of CPEC for Pakistan must be highly emphasized! The CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor), does not only poses to be an investment of $47 billion dollars, rather it will improve approximately three billion Pakistani lives throughout the region.

China’s vision is to establish a splendid silk road economic-belt, stretching throughout Asia via the Middle East to connect to Europe and that’s another importance of CPEC for Pakistan.

The key to a powerful Pakistan is the continuous development of its economy. Anatol Lieven, a well-known British scholar said at the IPR (Institute of Policy Reforms) that for Pakistan, the CPEC poses to be an economical breakthrough.

He estimated that the initial investment of $47 billion will be generating up to 3 or 4 times more! New job opportunities and new businesses will be established by this corridor. That’s the reason some of our neighbor countries are not happy with the importance of CPEC for Pakistan.

Media experts had even often mentioned Pakistan as a state which is failing. However, with this huge investment of China, they are proven wrong. China has a close friendship with Pakistan, and the CPEC initiative will strengthen this relationship, as by this China becomes a stakeholder in the future of Pakistan.

Importance of CPEC for Pakistan for the Revival of Economy

From the Chinese perspective, Pakistan has endless possibilities to offer, whilst their partnership will assist Pakistan with the revival of its economy. The good relations between the two countries will also alleviate Pakistan’s concerns regarding its security to its Eastern & Western neighbors.

Eventually Pakistan will be the most important country due to its geostrategic location which will improve the economic connectivity & trade between Asia, Middle-East & Europe. Pakistan’s energy crisis will also be something of the past due to the announcement of the energy projects.

Importance of CPEC for Pakistan for Energy Projects

China had already assisted with the establishment of Bahawalpur’s Solar Park, Quaid-e-Azam. This project is expected to produce 1,000 MW at the end of 2020 which is highly needed electricity.

The proposed nuclear and alternative energy projects will be generating power of approximately 16,400 MW.  This will put an end to Pakistan’s energy shortage, whilst it will assist in combating pollution. The amount of carbon emissions that can be cut is about 1 and ½ billion tons on an annual basis.

Importance of CPEC for Pakistan for Tourism

Pakistan’s tourism industry will be boosted due to this corridor. Global mountaineers will be flocking to the Gilgit-Baltistan region in Pakistan when the CPEC is operational.

At K2, Pakistan has the second highest peak in the world as well as five other peaks which is higher than 8,000 meters and additionally it has the amount of 50 other mountains which is higher than 7,000 meters.

Pakistan’s Responsibility

It is now Pakistan’s responsibility to see to the achievement of the CPEC, as stated by Ambassador Ashraf Jehangir Qazi when he attended the IPR conference.

Ambassador Qazi was referring to numerous obstacles which had arisen due to regional and domestic politics. Such obstacles include Pakistan’s current security situation, lacking national unity, corruption as well as foreign agents’ persistent ingression to ensure the failing of both the CPEC & the Gwadar port development.

The Role of the Military

The Military’s role actually did play an important role in easing a little of the Chinese concerns, whilst removing some obstacles, in particular with regards to serving a guaranteeing strong security.

However, a special 2-star general ensured that the utmost security will be provided along the route of the CPEC as well as also the outsiders who are working on this project.

However, the Pakistan Army which is supervised by General Raheel’s leadership, did made enormous progress where combating terrorism was concerned! And now General Bajwa is also taking keen interest to make sure the safety of each concerned party in CPEC.

Currently, it is actually up to political leadership to ensure that national consensus regarding the CPEC is reached.

Importance of CPEC for Pakistan for Hostile Entities

In Pakistan there are actually political entities which indeed challenged the route of the Corridor. It is indeed slowing to develop Rail as well as road networks! Some politicians want the completion of CPEC at earliest but some parties are just trying to divert the attention with their own agendas.Terrorists in Balochistan are being supported on their foreign masters’ command!

Halting the work within the Corridor

Strong evidences exist that Pakistan’s neighbors had funded some terrorist activities in the regions of Balochistan & Sindh, with a plan to stop the work within the corridor.

We are applauding Nawaz Sharif, the former Prime Minister’s attempt to secure this Chinese investment. However, it is the current government who needs to take charge now and address all the non-security obstacles which threatens the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to operate now! We need to see clear stand and statements on this issue by the ruling party.

The Prime Minister’s Obligation:

It is essential for the Prime Minister to deliver on all of his promises where the Chinese government are concerned.  If he fails to do so, he will actually destroy the Pakistani reputation for future generations to come, whilst ruining the country’s future!

Importance of CPEC for Pakistan for the survival

The CPEC is the key to the survival of Pakistan and not only an investment of $47 billion by China. All of the Pakistani nation should be supportive of their current government in its strive to materialize this project to become a reality!



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