Lack of education in Pakistan

Lack of education in Pakistan


Lack of education in Pakistan is killing the prosperity ratio or GDP ratio if we talk about technical aspects. Education is a very influential thing in the development of a country. It is very clear that education will enhance a country’s growth rate. Education is a right and obligation that must be implemented by every human being. We should as a nation must try to avail every possible opportunity to get the education.

Poor HR structure due to Lack of Education in Pakistan

Through educational excellence, an individual can also improve the quality of human resources (HR). Enhanced HR policies can raise the working standard of organizations. Employees satisfaction can be attained through proper education. If employees give their full efforts, then organizations will grow.

When companies grow the economic activities get increased. Each connected person with that particular industry will have economic stability. So, the right to adequate educational facilities should be given to every common person who is living in Pakistan.

From education, a person will learn and shape the character in himself/ herself to be able to think more realistically and with esteemed moral values. Entering the current millennial era, Pakistan is still said to be a developing country, which means this country still has low social welfare projects. Inequality is still obvious in the realm of life in Pakistan, as we see primarily inequities in education sector. The community considers this problem because of the lack of government performance in pursuing the quality of education in Pakistan.

Lack of Employments in Pakistan

There is lack of education in Pakistan because the employments are not sufficient. People don’t want to spend 16 years or 18 years in education when they see unemployed persons around themselves. We live in a society where we cannot guarantee job after attaining degree even with 80% or 90% marks. Several reasons are stopping youth to join professional organizations in the country.

A degree followed by Professional Competency

If we want to improve the literacy trend in Pakistan, then we should involve the youth in earning streams. A degree must be able to give practical knowledge about that specific profession in which a student completes thee education tenure.

The unequal education in every region in Pakistan, especially remote areas which are isolated by political influences, is the main point that should be given more attention in improving the quality of education in Pakistan.

Lack of Education Due to Poor Economic Resources

This problem is the main reason for the many children of the nation who have not received proper education. In addition, it is not uncommon for children to drop out of school for economic reasons. The partition between modern urban society and traditional society cannot be equalized in terms of quality and quantity.

This triggers our concerns towards education system in Pakistan that is in practice for the Pak community. This condition cannot continue to empower our youth in education sector. The community as a whole should try to support the government and local bodies to implement a supportive education facility.

Lack of education in Pakistan due to poor performance of Mentors

Our teachers are not fully equipped with latest teaching skills. They are not utilizing the power of information technology in their teaching methods. Especially this happens a lot in our tribal or remote or northern areas of Pakistan. Without realizing it, we cannot guarantee a genuine professional who belong to these backward areas of Pakistan.

We should keep the education environment public friendly in terms of money or in terms of surrounding. Teachers’ training is most crucial part if we want to deal with lack of education in Pakistan.

Without motivation we cannot bring those tutors in front who are contributing in education sector.

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