how to join pak army for females

How to join Pak army for females?


How to join Pak army for females? It is indeed a question or topic which is a wish of millions of females who are living in Pakistan. It is undeniable fact that Pak army is the most credible institute in Pakistan. How to join pak army for females involves simple process. We will mention each step to join Pakistan army in this article.

How to join Pak army for females?

You will also come to know the education level to join pak army as females and also the age criteria to join Pak army as females. After getting commission each female is eligible to serve the nation in true meaning. Without personal interest the females who get commission in pak army, feel proud and quite satisfied when they perform their duties in field or in back offices of army.

The role of Pak army in Pakistan is quite meaningful as we all know sometimes politics is abused a lot. In such scenarios it’s the pak army which comes in front and offer their loyal efforts to strengthen or handle the unpleasant situation.

Females also want to join Pak army as they are good caretaker. For example, if there is some flood, or epidemic or any medical emergency then we need additional medical staff other than our civilian doctors. Pak army always proved, that it is behind every Pakistani who needs help and who is in danger.

Our fighter female commandos proved that they can safeguard every inch of their beloved land as we expect from male soldiers. However, the process and fee structure to apply commission in Pak army as female is a point of consideration. Let’s discuss the details about getting commission in Pak army as females in coming section.

Eligibility Criteria to join Pak Army as Females

The process is very simple. We do not want to make this process a complex task for females. Especially, when they search on YouTube like “how to join pak army for females”, they may find it a difficult task. Because in videos normally we don’t find reliable material. We need to check out only relevant and updated criteria to join Pak army as females.

Here are the main points if you meet these criteria to get commission in Pakistan army as female then chances to get approval or success will be high. Before applying there, read each requirement clearly as you would be doing the most important mission of your life.

  • Pak army is proud to announce the prestigious course for females which is also known as LCC-16 Session 2020. Females who want to become captain lady cadet are encouraged to submit the application. For example, if a lady has completed her master degree or 16 years’ education then she can give her attempt for LCC-16 Pak army course 2020.
  • If a lady is unmarried and comes under age of 28 years then she would be deemed eligible.
  • Nationality of females should be Pakistan. Some females also ask if they are eligible or not because they belong to Gilgit-Baltistan or Azad Jammu Kashmir region. The good thing is Pak army invites all females who are a Pakistani citizen under the constitutional law.
  • Yup, another factor we often discuss regarding how to join pak army for females is age factor. We should not be confused about age matter as you have chance to apply in Pak army if you are of 28 years as on closing date. However, ISSB also reserves the right to change the age limit any time after publishing the advertisement of joining pak army as female.
  • Physical standard to join Pak army as females is quite flexible for instance, if you have average height of 152.4 centimeters or minimum height factor should be 5 feet.
  • 11/82 eye vision is pre-requisite or if you are using glasses then still there is criteria which you must follow and it is updated on ISSB official website for sure.
  • Body Mass index defines the average weight of females as per height and age. If you meet that criteria, then you are lucky person who will become a captain or other high ranked officer in Pak army.

Educational requirements to get join Pak Army as females

Shining students always get preference in each field or profession. Same rule will be applied here in Pak army. You should have no 3rd division in your whole academic career. If you have 16 years’ education with at least 60% marks in your exam which are conducted under annual system, then doors are open Pak army is waiting for you.

  1. If you have done M.Phil. or M.S then you have chances to get preferences. A minimum CGPA criteria is also not too high that is 2.5 or of 4 and an average student can achieve it easily in her/his academic career.
  2. Pakistan Engineering council and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan acknowledges the authenticity of graduation degrees in Pakistan. So, if you have done graduation then make sure proper attestation has been acquired before the closing date.
  3. The official address for Pak army is also a serious concern for females. Normally, they do not find the exact link or official link of Pakistan army website. Sometimes, they land on dummy pages and start reading the requirements. Either the information is not updated or the criteria is totally wrong. To cope with this issue has solved your problem. Now you can visit or check official website of Pak army via as you can see the extension in government means it is owned and managed by government of Pakistan. This will save you from any potential loss if you only consult the authentic information.
  4. Each should have a valid email account before applying there. Because the test date is normally mentioned in email which students enters in form. Please make sure you have noted your email login information separately and safely.

We often find cases where students just forget their id or password and they do not know the procedure to reset or recover password in time. So, keep these things in mind as you are concerned with the Pakistan’s top service. These tips give you all answers that you want to ask about how to join pak army for females.

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