Pak army lady cadet course

Pak army lady cadet course


It is a dream of almost every young energetic individual to serve Pakistan after getting commission through Pak army lady cadet course. Not only men rather women are also taking part in Pak army. Pak army lady cadet course make us organized. We should know the importance and scope of military education first before we dive into this profession.

Why should we take military education in Pakistan?

Military education means, the application of methods to place young people in the best physical and mental condition at the time of their incorporation into the army. It is one of the branches of general education necessary for citizens in a lot of countries. The shorter the length of service in the active army, the more intense the preparation must be.

The students at military institute learns practices which are appropriate to the role they will have to fulfill later for the country. Their physical, moral and intellectual education is oriented towards the sovereignty of state.

Eligibility for Pak Army Lady Cadet Course

Girls can also join Pak Army and serve the nation by becoming captain. Captain lady cadet course is also introduced for session 2020-2021. If there is a female who is not married and have 16 years education in the said categories then she can apply for LCC-17. It is a great honor to be selected as lady captain in Pak army.

In our country Pakistan, girls are not treated as men. In lot of departments they observe some unjust rights. The promotion of females is also dependent on several factors. But Pak Army is well organized institute here you will see equal promotion opportunities for men and women.

Last date for Pak army lady cadet course

If you want to join pak army lady course then keep in mind the last date to apply. If you prepare all documents and forms in time then joining process will be easier and sure. If you keep waiting for others to help you then it may become a difficult job for you. Just look at the advertisement carefully there you will see each requirement.

After checking the requirements fill the necessary data with accuracy. Your wrong date may lead to disqualification. Normally June-July each month the closing date

for Pak army lady cadet course is fixed. You can note down last date for admission in Pakistan Army lady cadet course.

First of all, written tests or intelligence tests are held to know the talent of

Defense Department of a Country

In a country of democratic institutions, the soldier is critical element of society.

Defense should be a major concern for all citizens, each at their own level. It is therefore essential that public should be aware of this duty. As a result, defense education has become a part of education to which the army colleges contribute very largely.

The defense and security of a country or a group of countries is, today and more than ever, a global concept that has several components:


The role of the armies is, then, to guarantee the fundamental interests of the Nation by knowing and anticipating threats, preventing any aggression, dissuading a potential enemy from attacking, protecting and, if necessary, intervening.


It is then a question of organizing and implementing the means necessary for the prevention, protection and fight against major risks, whether “natural” or technological.


The defense of the production, circulation and distribution of resources constitutes another vital interest. It is also to be linked to economic intelligence which aims to guarantee and improve the competitiveness of an economy in a context of globalization.


A country, a Nation is based on a certain number of specificities, common values which can radiate. We need to understand freedom of expression and rights of responsible citizens.

In view of these provisions, the principles and organization of Pakistani defense are subject to compulsory education within the framework of college and high school programs. All students, whatever their course (general, technological or professional), must benefit from this education. In addition, defense education has

also been integrated into the common base of knowledge and skills so that primary school students become interested.

Meaning to say military education or army education is necessary for safety of human rights and country.

Eligibility for Pak Army Lady Cadet Course

There are easy rues which every lady can follow if she wants to join Pak army. Just read each eligibility criteria and you can then try your luck. Once we know the exact procedure then accordingly, we can have preparation. There a competitive environment as taking admission for Pak army lady cadet course is not an easy job.

It is a wish of every young and brave girl to get high rank in Pakistan Army. If you are a master degree holder then you are eligible to apply. If you have earned M. Phil or MS degree then obviously you will have better chances to get commission.

Pak army lady cadet course means the most suitable candidate is going to be selected through a number of mental and emotional tests. The physical strength matters in every department of life but IQ level can make up your physical weakness in some cases.

You should have sharp mind and your mental alert system must be pro-active. If you are concerned about age factor then you should have proper knowledge about maximum age. That is 28 years. So, its time for you to decide when you should apply for Pak army lady cadet course.

Can I join Pak Army Lady Course after Intermediate?

After intermediate each student at least gets an idea to select future field. That’s the reason some females try to decide Pak army for their professional career. If you want to join Pak army after Inter level then you can read full criteria for it.

Degree requirements for Pak Army Lady Cadet Course

If you are a female with under or equal to 28 years on closing date then you are good to go with Pak Army lady cadet course. But the degrees which have preference will be mention for sure. So that you can have idea like what kind of subjects you should learn if you want to join Pak Army.

  1. Engineering degree from any recognized college
  2. Telecom degree
  3. Degree in Supply chain management
  4. Software technology degree
  5. Mechanical degree program

A handsome salary package is also offered if you successfully complete Pak army lady cadet course. As you may be given chance to server in any of the following departments.

  1. Pak army lady cadet in corps of Engineers
  2. Service as corps of Signals
  3. Corps Army Services (ASC) (highly paid profession)
  4. You join Pak army because you may want to join as corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (EME)
  5. Join Army Education Corps (AEC) through Pak army lady cadet course
  6. Another highly esteemed position as Pak Army Direct Short Service Commission as Public Relation Officer and it is also known as (PRO)
  7. One can get direct short service commission as Psychologist in Pak Army

So, getting into Pak Army lady cadet course can open up big doors for you. Focus on the training materials and guidelines which are given on official site of Pak army then do your best.

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Pak army lady cadet course
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Pak army lady cadet course
It is a dream of almost every young energetic individual to serve Pakistan after getting commission through Pak army lady cadet course.
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