Top 4 video games to learn English

Top 4 video games to learn English


For some reasons, video games are considered bad and just a waste of time. But actually there are many positive sides that actually improve the quality of intelligence among kids and teenagers. In addition, the game can also help someone in learning English. How do video games can help in learning English? Here we will be giving Top 4 video games to learn English.

How does video games work?

Many games still use English as a guide and tutorial, even though some games are in native languages with auto translated version. However, for gamers, English in video games will provide learning platform in better way, because there will be many terms in the game that have not yet entered the local vocabulary. Here are top 4 video games to learn English

These can sharpen intelligence and help in learning English.

1.Learn English with Football Manager Game:

Football Manager is a game about becoming a coach of a soccer club. You are challenged to form a strong and solid team by using the limited funds available.

Football Manager will train you in making decisions and sharpening your analysis through the data presented, for example your team needs a midfielder, then you will analyze which players are suitable to fill your team.

Enhance leadership skills: Football Manager can also train your leadership skills because you have to be brave in choosing important decisions.

Enhance English Listening Skill: You can learn to listen in this game because there will be commentators who participate in the match. Usually there will be a newspaper menu with unique words that will be loaded in dashboard as a game player and that will help you learn vocabulary.

2.Learn English with SimCity Game:

Ever thought how complicated it is to be mayor? Or have you even dreamed of becoming president? You can learn to build a city the easy way without having to meet with complicated administrative activities. Being a mayor in the real world is indeed difficult. But you can learn the basics first in the SimCity game.

SimCity is a simulator game for building a city. You act as mayor and build the city completely from zero. SimCity will teach you to do good planning. You have to build roads, houses, offices, and facilities to give to the community. You can get to know the terms in construction and vocabulary about cities when you play this game.

3.Learn English with Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is a game that can be said to be legendary if you want to learn English. The interesting thing about this game is an interesting storyline. Harvest Moon can improve your ability to plan for the future. In addition, Harvest Moon can also teach you about hard work.

Harvest Moon itself is a game with a story that is quite unique. The main character will be a farmer and rancher. The plot of the story will be different for each series played.

Learn with dialogue boxes in English:

But the Harvest Moon game will teach you about how to farm, how to care for farm animals, do business as farmers and ranchers, and how to survive. In the Harvest Moon game, the plot of the story provided is very fun. You can learn English about grammar and vocabulary from this game because of the appearance of dialog boxes in written form.

4.Learn English with The Sims

If you want to know how life is when you grow up, you can learn from the game The Sims. The Sims is a life simulator game when we reach in adulthood. Of course many things can be understood through this game. We can learn the feelings and scenarios in old age.

From this game, you can learn how humans have to survive from looking for work, have the ability to socialize, even to take the time to relieve stress.

This game will make a picture of your life when you grow up. You know what you need to do and don’t need to do. In addition, you can learn things like interiors and managing a room. From this game you will understand some English terms and vocabularies because of the emergence of choices in carrying out activities in written form.

These are the best game if we focus on them then our kids and seniors will have a strong grip on English.

Top 4 video games to learn English
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Top 4 video games to learn English
How do video games can help in learning English? Here we will be giving Top 4 video games to learn English.
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