Top 10 English Idioms

What are Top 10 English Idioms?


Sometimes we listen few specific words which are not easy to understand in English Language. Sometimes simple words give very complex meaning. What are these different or unique types of words in English language?

Have you ever talked with someone and found a series of words that you do not understand? For example, ” I was busy as a bee last week! “Surely your friend is not busy gathering honey like bees, is he? But he uses idioms to express his super busy situation. These Top 10 English Idioms can help the students and professional workers.

1.Do you understand, Cry over spilled milk?

This idiom has meaning, don’t regret something that happened. Or like a rice that has become porridge, it will not return to rice. Therefore, do not regret something that has happened because it will be in vain.

Example: He has broken my trust; it is no use crying over spilled milk!

2.English idiom: Get out of hand

When you feel that the conditions around you cannot be controlled, express with this idiom.

Example: The event just got out of hand and the attendees began to shout and threw empty bottles.

3.Pull a rabbit out of a hat another English idiom

When you hear this idiom you will definitely remember the magic show. The meaning of this idiom is to do something unexpected or seem impossible.

Example: I was sure to suffer a huge loss, but my partner pulled a rabbit out of his hat and we lastly Allah showed us the right path.

4.Learn English idiom: Pull yourself together

When you feel worried or confused and can’t think clearly. Then you must “pull yourself together” – calm down and behave accordingly.

Example: I think we will not be able to complete the circle in 10 minutes, please pull yourself together and let’s win the award.

5.A common English idiom: Once in a blue moon

Have you seen the blue moon? Obviously it’s not the moon that we daily see on sky. When something very rare happens you can say this idiom.

Example: We used to recall him the past. He never stops us but now he comes once in a blue moon.

6.Go the extra Mile-Easy English Idiom

If you go further, then actually you are trying harder to reach the goal.

Example: My lecture was really awesome last day, because our teacher always went the extra mile for us.

7.English Idiom-Feeling under the weather

If you are feeling uncomfortable or sick, you can use this idiom to explain your condition to others.

Example: I assume that I will not be able to do this work. I feel quite under the weather today.

A stone’s throw

8.How far can you throw a stone? Very close Place!

Example: The hotel was a stone’s throw from the beach, so it’s quite convenient for us to go swimming!

9.An easy situation: A piece of cake Idiom

This idiom has nothing to do with food but shows something easy to do.

Example: It’s a piece of cake to beat him in a race. I’m absolutely capable to get the gold medal.

  • Hit the books idiom

To express that you studied very hard, use this idiom!

Example: I’m going to hit the books because I have an examination coming up soon.

So, if you learn these idioms then they will give you much benefits in your daily life as well as in your academic or professional life. Once you have Top 10 English Idioms in your mind then you can easily impress them with your verbal communication skills. Your education level will be considered high if you properly learn the use of idioms.

Top 10 English Idioms
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Top 10 English Idioms
Once you have Top 10 English Idioms in your mind then you can easily impress them with your verbal communication skills. Your education level will be considered high
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