Types of corruption in Pakistan

Types of corruption in Pakistan


Types of corruption in Pakistan cannot be defined under one topic. Corruption is a secret or hidden diseases that eats the body gradually. We have lot of corruption stories in Pakistan, rather we would not say, stories but its fact. Corruption in politics, corruption in education, corruption in food departments, corruption on behalf of employees, corruption in sports fields and corruption in health sector.

How to control corruption

Corruption is really hard to control. The sad thing is when someone wants to check or control the types of corruption in Pakistan then a number of negative forces start coming towards that person.

Types of corruption in Pakistan

Changing the system is not easy thing. Corruption is also an individual level. For example, when a student tries to cheat teachers or examination system then it’s a type of corruption. Similarly, when an employee sitting at office tries to get unlawful benefits from office then it’s a corruption.

A government officer while sitting at public seat when commits corruption then all nation suffers. Whatever the types of corruption in Pakistan, we need to check them and we need to do some counter arrangements.

Impacts of Corruption on Government Bureaucracy

The legal departments or bureaucracy that should solve the problem fairly and without any partiality often compromise their integrity by accepting bribes, lure, gratuities or anything which attracts them.

The Social Impacts of Corruption on Poverty Level

Corruption practices create a high-cost economy that hurts economic conditions. This high cost economic scenario has a negative impact on the high price of public services.

Because the price factor in economy must be in favour of general public. If there is a corruption in economic sector of a country, then prices will be higher and power of purchase will be down. It will be difficult for people to manage expenses who have less resources.

The Impact of Corruption on Politics and Democracy

Voters are up and very active because of bribes given by potential party leaders, not because of sympathy or trust in their abilities for leadership. Corruption that involves in government sector will result in the consequences of strengthening plutocracy (a political system controlled by capitalists / capitalists).

The Impact of Corruption on Law Enforcement

The impact of corruption hinders the functioning of government in providing the justice to oppressed people. There should be an equal law for rich and poor but we see corruption is often at peak in this sector as well.

Corruption’s impacts on a country are really destructive. The consequences of such acts of corruption have never ending effects on the country.

Corruption and Economy

A developing economy is the most important factor for society. If corruption enters the economy of a country might prosper in society then it becomes almost impossible to raise the standards of lives. Muslim nation should understand the bad effects of corruption. If we see corruption in economy of our country, then following consequences we may face:

  • Slowing economic growth and investment
  • Productivity Turmoil
  • Low quality of goods and services
  • Declining State Revenue from the Tax Sector
  • Increase in Government Debt

The social impact and poverty of the people will cause:

  • High prices for services and public services
  • Slowing eradication of community poverty
  • Access to the community is very limited
  • increased crime

The causes of the collapse of governmental authority are:

  1. a) Death of Social Political Ethics

People’s representatives cannot be trusted as protectors of the people, because they only think of their subordinates if one of them commits acts of corruption with political power they will use various means to save him.

  1. b) Invalid Rules and Invalid Applicants

Legislation is no longer valid because most high-ranking officials, power holders or legal officers are often found easily carried away by their passions. And also we observe a lot of cases are settled by corruption. So, these were some types of corruption in Pakistan that are making our beloved country like a weak state.

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Types of corruption in Pakistan
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Types of corruption in Pakistan
Types of corruption in Pakistan cannot be defined under one topic. Corruption is a secret or hidden diseases that eats the body gradually.
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