University of Peshawar fee structure

University of Peshawar fee structure


University of Peshawar fee structure is important query for those students who want to get admissions there. The outclass atmosphere and quality teaching system in University of Peshawar is attracting thousands of new students. Here we will be giving you details about latest UOP fee schedule 2021. You can easily decide about your final course.

University of Peshawar fee structure

  • D./ M.Phil. or MS Degree program – All Disciplines will have fee around Rs 54800 whereas 2nd semester fee will be around Rs 53,800/-
  • If you freeze semester then you can pay 1,600 Rupees
  • Security fee for Ph. D Program Rs 20,000, the same fee will be applied for M. Phil or MS programs
  • If you want to do MA/M.Sc then you will need to arrange almost Rs. 5000/-
  • BS programs at University of Peshawar will also have charges of Rs. 5000 in the case of security fee
  • Hostel fee can be around Rs. 32,000 per annually and it will have electricity charges, Room rent and generator charges
  • Department of Zoology will have degree programs like BS in Zoology
  • Sc in Zoology
  • D in Zoology

Departments at University of Peshawar

You can find following departments at University of Peshawar:

  1. Quaid e Azam College of Commerce at University of Peshawar
  2. Department of Economics at University of Peshawar
  3. Department of Gender Studies at University of Peshawar
  4. University of Peshawar Department of Social Anthropology
  5. University of Peshawar Department of Archaeology
  6. University of Peshawar Institute of Education and Research
  7. Department of International Relations at University of Peshawar
  8. University of Peshawar Department of Geography
  9. Department of Zoology at University of Peshawar
  10. University of Peshawar Department of Journalism & Mass Communication
  11. Department of Library and Information Science
  12. Institute of Management Studies
  13. Law College at University of Peshawar
  14. Department of Psychology
  15. Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management
  16. at University of Peshawar Pakistan Study Centre
  17. Department of Regional Studies at University of Peshawar
  18. Department of Sociology at University of Peshawar
  19. University of Peshawar Department of Islamiyat
  20. University of Peshawar Department of Physics
  21. Department of Electronics at University of Peshawar
  22. University of Peshawar Department of Social Work
  23. Department of Arabic at University of Peshawar
  24. Department of Urdu at University of Peshawar
  25. University of Peshawar Department of Persian

Students of University of Peshawar

At university of Peshawar you will see students not only from Pakistan but also from FATA. The whole province to have such high ranked university in Peshawar. The faculty of University of Peshawar is awesome and you will get a lot of opportunities there to have excellent academic background.

Alumni of University of Peshawar

The alumni of UOP Is already working on the prestigious job positions. The fame of this university can be seen in other provinces of Pakistan as well. Academic environment is excellent and curriculum is as per the competitive market. You will not see outdated things there.

There are some universities in Pakistan which are lacking in this field. Its results are not good and that’s how students remain behind from international markets. You need to check this factor carefully because the course must fulfil needs of today’s market. In 2021 the global economy is going to change rapidly. You must have the best education and research opportunities during your study.

Repute of University of Peshawar

The repute of university of Peshawar is quite reasonable if you talk about jobs success ratio. Nowadays, employers also look at the academic background. Your grades matter but main thing is, what is national ranking of the university where you have been studying for 2-4 years? So, only keeping an eye on University of Peshawar Fee structure is not enough rather you should check other factors as well that we have mentioned here.

Best university in Peshawar (University of Peshawar)

University of Peshawar is the first educational institution opened in Peshawar. Since its inception, the university has always been at the forefront of research work. It proved the excellent quality in field of education. Often, students change their chosen specialty while studying at the university. Moving to another program is often a laborious process, especially if you have to transfer to another university for this. Students of the University of Peshawar are more fortunate, they can get a new specialty without leaving their alma mater.

Try to know your strength being a Student

Imagine that you are an entrepreneur looking to sell a new product in a new market. Your product is “you” and your new master’s degree. Your market is the whole world. Your consumers are university admissions offices. The costs of bringing a product to market are very high (you will have many competitors when you enter and when you release it too!).

But the product is of very good quality (your work experience, academic record, education, knowledge of English, achievements, etc.). How are you going to gain consumer attention and demand (= admission to an elite educational institution)? All of your competitors offer similar “excellent quality products.”

It is very important that your faith in a new product is strong, only then can you sell it. In short, the admission strategy is the most important thing! We would single out few important questions, to which you must first of all give clear answers:

  1. What segment of potential customers are you targeting and why? (Which universities and why are they?)
  2. How will investments help your company grow? (Why Masters?)
  3. Why are you entering the market now?

Why do many students get failed at time of admission?

Many excellent applicants can go unnoticed and rejected for reasons far beyond academic performance. For example, just because they placed the wrong information in their set of documents, wrote a too long motivation letter, sent the documents at the last moment, when the selection committee no longer even reads the applicant’s essay. The GPA and exam results are just the necessary passing metrics that all of your competitors have.

Requirements of admission

When members of the admissions committee of the university open your copies of documents, they already know that these requirements have been met, and first of all they evaluate:

  1. professional experience that matches the chosen specialty
  2. personal qualities – self-discipline and initiative, hard work and freedom of thought, the ability to concentrate on the main subjects and an extraordinary mind. It is precisely the best potential that needs to be shown to the best universities.
  3. recommendations – ask your assistant/senior to build a letter with paragraph headings such as “Achievements”, “Rating”, “Teamwork”, “Strengths”, “Weaknesses”, “Communication skills”, “Experience”, “Academic potential)), And a couple of sentences for each section.

And when you ask someone to write you a recommendation, specify that you are waiting for “Strong and powerful recommendation”!

  1. achievements, as well as publications (but they are needed only for scientific specialties) – If you have publications, you have to answer for the main question of the commission, especially when applying for such specialties as engineering, technology, ecology!

So, keep all the documents accurate and precise. The admission team have a lot of options in front of them. Do not narrate unnecessary things to get admission. You should compare University of Peshawar fee structure after checking fee from other universities.

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University of Peshawar fee structure
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University of Peshawar fee structure
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