IBA Main Campus Vs The City Campus

IBA Main Campus Vs The City Campus


IBA stands for the Institute of Business Administration. It is one of Karachi’s oldest business schools offering a well-disciplined and maintained curriculum experience to thousands of the students in Karachi. Details of IBA Main Campus Vs The City Campus here in this article.

IBA is an independent university that was established back in 1955 as a business school. It was established by the Pakistani government after it felt a dire need to construct an institute that will guide students in their pursuit of knowing the complexities in the business world. At that time, it receives technical support from the Wharton School and the University of Southern California.

As soon as the institute established, a handful of American professors were hired who were having rich experiences and qualifications in this field of business. So, within a short period of time, the curriculum at IBA was developed. Until 1994, IBA was recognized as a business School. After 1994, its status changes and it was converted into Karachi’s sole chartered university by the Sindh Government. Till 2003, it becomes an interdisciplinary university offering programs related to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate.

Today, the Institute of Business Administration is hailed as one of the most selective and reliable business institutes in Pakistan. It is also awarded the coveted certification by the South Asian Quality System.

IBA Main Campus Vs The City Campus

IBA has two campuses functioning in Karachi. One of them is called the ‘Main Campus’ while the other one is known as the ‘City Campus’. More than 6,000 students are graduating from these campuses.

IBA’s Collaboration with other Institutions across the World

IBA has collaborated with 15 other institutions across the world. Some of these institutions are,

  • Babson College
  • Indian School of Business
  • P. Jain Institute
  • Northwestern University

IBA received massive appreciation from the masses under the leadership and guidance of some of the prominent and fully experienced scholars across the world. It is indeed known for its excellent performance as well as superb academic records.

The two campuses of IBA have spread over 80 acres. Providing a high learning process, these campuses are encouraged and supported by the Pakistani people. There is a list of facilities being provided to the students at these campuses.

IBA Main Campus

The main campus of IBA is indeed a grand building that has lush green gardens, lawns, and a perfect interior structure. It offers a completely reliable and suitable study environment for the students. It consists of more than 30 classrooms, a library, an auditorium, program offices, and several computer labs.

IBA City Campus

IBA City Campus is located exactly in the hearts of the business sector in the city. It has more than 20 classrooms, program offices, four computer labs, seminar rooms, conference rooms, a library, and an auditorium designed for the students.

In the City campus, students are also offered, evening classes. Under skilled professors and an effective learning atmosphere, the IBA city campus is ultimately the first choice of the parents.

Meanwhile, both campuses of the IBA are fully equipped with modern facilities. Classrooms are designed keeping in the mind the modern needs and demands. All these facilities make both campuses equally attractive among the students as well as parents.

IBA Main Campus Vs The City Campus
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IBA Main Campus Vs The City Campus
IBA stands for the Institute of Business Administration. Details of IBA Main Campus Vs The City Campus here in this article.
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