What is an Apple Card

What is an Apple Card?


Technology is always on change. Everything will be connected with technology in coming 5 to 10 years. Not satisfied with the technology field, iPhone maker company, Apple, released a new product called Apple Card.

This product is really new, so it’s only natural that you have never heard of it. Apple. With the tagline There’s never been a credit card this smart technology, what is the difference between Apple Card and credit cards in general? Check out the following review.

What is an Apple Card?

What is an Apple Card? As mentioned above, Apple Card is a virtual credit card that is intended for iPhone users for ease of transaction. This credit card can later be linked to Apple Pay and become part of one of the default iPhone applications, namely Wallet.

Credit card to buy digital products

Furthermore, Apple Card can be used for transactions outside of Apple Pay, so it can function like a credit card in general.

Who Can Use Apple Cards?

Apple Card is specifically for iPhone users only. Because this service is integrated with Wallet and can only be accessed via an iPhone, of course you have to use the smartphone.

How to register an Apple Card?

How to register an Apple Card is very easy and simple? All you have to do is open the Wallet application, select the Apple Card menu and then you will enter the interface. After that you will be guided step by step, how to register and start using Apple Card.

Once you have officially registered, Apple Card can be used directly to make digital purchases. Just like when you apply for a credit card, you must meet Apple’s terms and conditions before you become an Apple Card user.

What are Apple Card Features?

Apple Card offers many conveniences for users, not only for digital transactions with Apple Pay but also other transactions that do not use the application. Here are some interesting features offered by Apple Card.

Weekly or Monthly Expenditure Details in Apple Card

If you want to know how much you are spending for a week or a month, there is no need to bother installing additional applications or entering certain sites. Simply by opening the Wallet app, everything you need is there. One week and one-month expenditure records will be displayed in detail.

By using an Apple Card, you can find out your spending trends, making it easier to decide which should be reduced or cut altogether.

Maps Application Support for Transactions

Another convenience offered to Apple Card users is the support of the Maps application. In addition to recording the amount and description of expenses, you can also paste the location. Write down the name of the shop, restaurant, or location where the transaction took place. No need to wonder why you spend a lot of money.

You need a bit check on your spending habits online. Sometimes you see difference in your remaining balance but in case of expenditure notes or records you may see the record or short history at one click. The system of apple is very fast and you will see no hesitation there.

What is an Apple Card?
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What is an Apple Card?
What is an Apple Card?Apple Card is a virtual credit card that is intended for iPhone users for ease of transaction.
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