What is Feudalism?

What is Feudalism?


What is Feudalism? Feudalism is a structure of the delegation of sociopolitical power. This feudalism system was carried out by aristocrats to be able to control the regions that cooperated with it.

Feudalism comes from?

Feudalism comes from the Latin feudum. Feudalism has been existing since the 9th century. Workers on land that are too restrained by their masters are a form of feudalism. This example also forms a form of ‘feudal society’.

The Feudalism Economic System

At present, the term feudalism contains more negative sense than positive elements. This is because the term feudalism is used for bad behavior.

In royal times, the king used to get a quarter of the work of the landlord. Whereas landlords get three quarter. So where do workers’ rights come from? It is up to the landlord who used to decide how much the amount of wages should be for the worker? This is considered too bad for unskilled or even skilled workers.

Example of Feudalism Distribution of wealth

For example, a landlord has a gross income of 4 million rupees. Then he was forced to give one million rupees to the king as a form of tax. Whereas the 3 million rupees he gets must be shared with the workers employed to manage the agricultural land he owns. This is certainly very damaging to workers and landlords.

What is autocratic policy?

In the economic system of feudalism, the King is the only person who can exercise leadership or supreme authority. The method used by the King to get tax is to make an autocratic policy. What is meant by autocratic? Basically, it is a power which shows that all laws must be in accordance with the wishes of the king.

What is absolute monarchy?

Many people who inevitably have to submit to the king is only because they cannot do anything according to their own wishes. This type of government is also called an absolute monarchy.

The people are not permitted to express their aspirations or opinions in front of king.

The main factor that makes the king a supreme authority in implementing the policy is the people behind him.

Apart from the nobles and religious leaders, there is also another group that grows up around the kingdom. The typical name of the group is a business group or entrepreneur circle. This group is considered not very threatening, because it is only a few people in number and does not interfere with the royal order. Over time, the merchants realize that the laws made by the King had seriously disrupted their trade or economic system. This makes the merchants start trying to rebel.

What is commercial rebellion?

The aim of the commercial rebellion is that they want to be more comfortable and free to develop the businesses they have. They are profit oriented people, so they are certainly not satisfied if their profits are limited. This is what causes commercial rebellions to provoke people to rebel. Then consequently they insist the people that they should use a democratic system that is fair to all.

The Fall of the Feudalism Economic System

The first economic system of feudalism that succeeded in falling was in France. The commercial rebellions, assisted by common people, succeeded in urging the king to abolish the economic system of feudalism and replace it with capitalism.

When did capitalism Economic system begin?

This made the economic system of capitalism began to be widely used in the 19th century. Unfortunately, the economic system of capitalism remained unprofitable for ordinary people because they were increasingly treated like slaves.

Differences in the Economic System of Feudalism and Capitalism

There are so many countries that use the economic system of capitalism in carrying out their governments. In this case, there are many different differences. Here are 2 of them:

Career development

In the economic system of feudalism, a landlord will continue to be a landlord. So it is with workers who will continue to be workers. There is no way to change degrees in this typical economic system. Whereas in capitalism, a worker can get a better job if they are able to show good work. Workers get chances to have new job assignments which enhance their career.

Nature of work

The economic system of feudalism requires a worker to work on agricultural land that is not theirs. There are so many kings who behave arbitrarily to their people because they think that agricultural products are the most useful treasure. While in the economic system of capitalism, workers are free to choose their jobs and may not be in the agricultural sector. The workers un feudalism will not have many chances of success because their freedom is limited.

However, it has been observed when there is some kind of human rights violation whether it is in economy or other department, the outcomes will be bad.

What is Feudalism?
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What is Feudalism?
What is Feudalism? Feudalism is a structure of the delegation of sociopolitical power. This feudalism system was carried out by aristocrats
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