Best Online Learning Sites 2020-2021

Best Online Learning Sites 2020-2021


Responding to the increasingly widespread outbreak of the Corona virus, Pakistan which has now been ranked in top 20 in the world with the highest risk of death from this pandemic, finally began to impose strict policies. The lockdown is no more that’s why the death ratio and patients ration got increased.

Our prime minister himself directly asked the community to carry out various activities at home and stay away from the crowd. Similarly, the learning process. Minister of Education and Culture to keep running the teaching and learning process online. We need to know the best sites online to get the reading stuff online.

Best Online Learning Sites 2020-2021

In Pakistan, people are not very used to for digital apps or sites which can be used to learn the IT skills. But now people especially students and working class is increasing their interests to learn different programs online.

The following Best Online Learning Sites 2020-2021 are some of the online learning sites that can help you become more enthusiastic about learning at home:

Brainly Best Online Learning Portal

Besides Teacher’s Room, an online learning site that has a high number of visitors is Brainly. But Brainly has a different concept than the Teacher’s Room. If the Teacher Room has several teachers then not Brainly.

At Brainly, every question or discussion is given and answered by students of various levels of education. This is in accordance with the motto that is the opening sentence for site visitors, For Students by Students, Question Everything Answer Everything.

Khan Academy, top online learning site                                                                                          

In 2008, Khan Academy was established as a non-profit organization engaged in education.

Through its website, Khan Academy provides a variety of lessons for free. The subjects that are available on this site are quite comprehensive. If you are confused about some subject then you can watch their channel with same name.

Smart Class Best Online Learning Source

Smart Class is an online learning site that strongly supports the online learning movement. The founder of the Smart Class, Fernando Uffie said that the government’s move in dealing with Covid-19 by promoting online learning was strongly supported by the Smart Class. Even the Smart Class is now increasingly completing various features available to increase the comfort of students when studying.

Your school – Top Free online study portal

Complete and free, maybe this is what makes your school a busy online learning site today. The founder of your school, Radinka Qiera has prepared various features needed by the school and students in carrying out online learning.

Hundreds of schools and organizations have collaborated with your school to facilitate the teaching and learning process during the government imposed a ban on going out. Uniquely, your school not only provides a place for learning for students and teachers, the participation of parents and guardians of students is also highly considered by this platform.

Top free Educational site Quipper

The Quipper platform is also ready to accommodate teachers and students who will be doing the learning process online. Quipper  provides all of these features for free. Not only learning, Quipper furthermore provides features that make it easy for teachers to provide and supervise students’ assignments and examinations.

For those of you who are at the final level, Quipper also provides UN, UTBK, and SBMPTN modules that will make you more accustomed to facing the real test. Once you pass in the tests then you are able to get certificates. It is equally beneficial for those who are on job and want to grow their professional knowledge.

Learn from Google

Google has always been a leader in technology. Similarly, when the government suggested online learning at all levels of education in Pakistan then people started search online. Google has prepared G Suite for Education which facilitates teachers and students in learning.

Google also has Hangouts Meet which can be used to conduct live meetings with a capacity of up to 100,000 more viewers per session.

There are also additional features for large classes that hold up to 250 participants and can be stored in Google Drive so students who still want to see the teacher’s explanation can download it again. However, this additional feature is only available until July 1, 2020.

Microsoft to Learn Online

In addition to Google, another large company that supports online learning programs is Microsoft. Microsoft said it was ready to provide Office 365 facilities at several schools and institutions. Schools only need to prepare a domain that will be used as an identifier for teachers and students in learning media.

In Office 365, there is a Teams facility that makes it easy for teachers and students to make the learning process online through video conferencing. In Teams, the teacher can provide direction or material in various forms, such as pictures, text, sound, and video. Not only communication between teacher and student, fellow students can also discuss with each other through Teams.

Join Zenius Free

This platform can also help you learn online more easily. If previously there were many students who could not study independently online with direction, Zenius gave many new features that helped students to have their own class schedules so that there were no ‘lost’ student songs.

You no longer need to bother looking for the next lesson or topic because Zenius will immediately direct each student to the topic that has been prepared so that the lesson continues to run according to schedule.

These learning resources worth thousands of dollars that can make your career bright. One can understand very well that learning the advance level skills without paying fee is not easy. So, being Pakistanis we should note these Best Online Learning Sites 2020-2021.

These are professional websites and many entrepreneurs are utilizing them to gain the skills while studying online. The best thing is you can schedule your own time as per your free time. No need to stay online at same fixed time.

For example, you are doing office work then you can do the study as per your convenient time. That’s big advantage if we feel its importance.


Best Online Learning Sites 2020-2021
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Best Online Learning Sites 2020-2021
The following Best Online Learning Sites 2020-2021 are some of the online learning sites that can help you
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