Bachelor's degree in education

Bachelor’s degree in education


Bachelor’s degree in education

Half of the professions around you are about to disappear because the use of IT is going to change every field sooner or later. In a world that is undergoing automation, many professions are becoming less important and relevant, which of you has recently spoken to a banker? Which of you recently called an insurance agent? These are just some of the industries that are undergoing accelerated extinction in the labor market. Concept of banking is getting rapid change. You even don’t need to visit banks for your money.

Everything can be managed online for your business transactions. Finance education has opened new branches other than basic mathematics. Similarly, bachelor degree in education is becoming famous nowadays. The modes of teaching are not the same as we observed a decade ago.

Profession of teaching

The teaching profession on the other hand is in the top professions with the lowest chance of disappearing alongside professions such as doctors, senior executives and trade experts.

Education may not be the career path most of us dream of at first thought but it still holds additional benefits and values ​​that are worth considering. For example, occupational stability certainly balances the picture. The education system is desperate for quality professionals with appropriate practical and academic training. The demand for educators is not limited to a particular geographical area: there is a demand both in the local as well as in foreign countries.

Integration in formal and informal education

In addition to changes in the labor market that will make many jobs irrelevant, the expectation of employers and employed persons is to switch jobs and gain diverse experience. In the 2021 job market, a bachelor’s degree in education, combined with additional training and a teaching certificate, allows you the mobility and flexibility so much in demand in the 21st century job market.

If you thought that bachelor degree in education prepares you exclusively for schools and kindergartens, then know that the possibilities are much wider. Informal education provides tools to lead many roles within the community, whether in nonprofits, democratic, skills schools, boarding schools, community centers and classes, leading management positions of social coordinators and more.

A bachelor’s degree in education can also be a first step towards a career path in a therapeutic profession. Admission requirements for psychology, for example, are among the highest and most difficult to achieve among the fields of study.

Many of the graduates in the education professions who receive tools and training to work with people, whether in a group or one-on-one, may go on to additional therapeutic professions. Professions such as animal-assisted therapy, arts therapy, movement and music therapy and more.

The additional professional certificate enables our graduates to take on advanced level roles in schools and the community. A wide selection of professional certificates await you in any study program you choose that will allow you to integrate into the informal frameworks.

In short bachelor degree in education can invite you for different positions not only in educational departments but also in different business organizations. You need to pick up a college where the degree has worth.

Bachelor's degree in education
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Bachelor's degree in education
A bachelor's degree in education can also be a first step towards a career path in a therapeutic profession. Admission requirements for psychology.
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