Financial Aid for Poor Students in Pakistan

Financial Aid for Poor Students in Pakistan


In Pakistan, there are ample of the students who have the will to study and motivation to succeed in life but they are financially too poor to make it possible. Their dreams are as important as the dreams of a kid belonging to a well-to-do family. Read more details of Financial Aid for Poor Students in Pakistan here in this article.

Financial Aid for Poor Students in Pakistan

In Pakistan, various scholarship programs are provided to needy students who want to continue their studies and want to become successful persons. The Pak-USAID is one such project that provides scholarships to Pakistani students.

The phase-II of the program is focusing on providing several other opportunities to the needy students. These scholarship offers and opportunities are specifically for those students who do possess active learning abilities and academic merit. However, due to financial problems, they are unable to finance their education. It is worth noticing that scholarship offers under this program also provide living expenses as well as the accommodation along with the tuition fee.

It is worth noticing that the Pak-USAID program is funded by the United States of America.

What are the objectives of Pak-USAID?

The objectives of Pak-USAID are as follow,

  • It enables students to pursue their academic qualifications in case if they are unable to.
  • Students are helped and aided in continuing their studies both in private and public universities.
  • It offers scholarships to the students belonging to the fields of medical, engineering, agriculture, business, and social science.

What are some basic requirements to avail Pak-USAID?

To avail Pak-USAID, the student must be a Pakistani National

The scholarship is given to the students who are undergraduates or graduates.

Pak-USAID scholarships are only offered to those students who have enrolled in the first semester in one of the participated universities.

Scholarships are given to the students who have poor financial status and their families are unable to bear their studies’ expenses.

Students belonging to the following disciplines are eligible for Pak-USAID scholarship offers in Pakistan’s top 29 universities,

  • Medical
  • Social Sciences
  • Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering & Technology

The agricultural section includes Veterinary sciences as well as Bio-Technology.

Social sciences include,

  • Peace and Conflict studies
  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Linguistics
  • Law
  • Communication & Media Studies
  • International Relations
  • Psychology

Note: In our society, the ratio of female students is very low as compared to male students. So, it is ensured that at least women will get a 50% share of the awarded scholarship. This will help female students to continue their studies even after financially not being able to do so.

How to Apply for Pak-USAID?

The scholarship application forms are easily available in a student’s respective universities. They can collect it from the Admission Office or Financial Aid Office and submit it to the authorities.

The university administration will make sure whether the applicant is eligible for the scholarship or not. If the applicant is not found eligible his application for the scholarship is canceled and if he is eligible, then he is granted a scholarship within a few months of the submission of the form.

It offers PKR 12,000/- to the eligible students.

Hamdard Foundation Pakistan

Another scholarship-based program that is helping out poor students of the country is “Hamdard Foundation Pakistan”.

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has also announced need-based scholarships to the students who have enrolled in the Pakistan Engineering Council accredited universities across the country. Around 500 scholarships are awarded to the financially weak students. A student can receive PKR 100,000/-.

So, those students who are unable to continue their studies only because their families can afford their expenses can easily apply in the above-mentioned scholarship programs.

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