Civil engineering universities in Islamabad

Civil engineering universities in Islamabad


List of civil engineering universities in Islamabad is updated here. Civil engineering department is one of the most successful professions in Pakistan. Once you get enrolled in civil engineering university of Pakistan then you can expect a bright future here.

Civil engineering universities in Islamabad

Before telling you about Civil engineering universities in Islamabad we would like you to know what is scope of civil engineering universities in Islamabad? How can we know the importance of civil engineering in Pakistan? Can we get prosperous career in the field of civil engineering? All these topics will be covered in today’s article.

What is scope of Civil engineering in Pakistan & Abroad?

Civil engineering means you become able to design, manage and evaluate any kind of structure. Building and infrastructures are built on professional notes. After knowing what civil engineering is to what it studies, it is also important for you to know what prospects could be for those who take this course.

Building construction consultant ==> The first is construction consultant. The work carried out is quite diverse, such as building construction, dam construction, coastline development to road construction. In short, all developments in cities is based on the dimensions of civil engineering.

Civil engineering contractor ==> Then there is a civil engineer contractor who has the task of making plans made by a building construction consultant. The contractor will make the plan of the construction consultant come true. They must also have the ability to apply those strategies what the consultants have made.

Structural engineer ==> His job is to combine mathematics and science in a creative way. This is done to make the building design better to solve the various problems that may be encountered. As a structural engineer, you have to make sure that the building doesn’t collapse. Engineering is connected with a lot of human lives.

Construction manager ==> For those of you who have a leadership spirit, being a construction manager can certainly be considered. However, it is important to know that if you become a construction manager, you will have bigger duties and responsibilities. You will manage all to see what is the quality of working material and final product after becoming construction manager.

14 Top Civil engineering Universities in Islamabad

  1. Muslim Youth University, Islamabad Campus
  2. Abasyn University Islamabad (sub-campus)
  3. Muslim Youth University, MY University ISB
  4. Skill Development Council Islamabad
  5. The University of Lahore (Islamabad Main Campus)
  6. International Islamic University Islamabad IIUI
  7. National University of Science & Technology, NUST Islamabad
  8. National University of Technology Islamabad
  9. Capital University of Science and Technology Islamabad
  10. Rawat Residential College Islamabad
  11. Grafton College Islamabad
  12. TMUC | The Millennium University College Islamabad
  13. Capital University of Science and Technology Islamabad

Civil engineering and architecture are clearly two different scientific fields. However, a lot of persons still believe that civil engineering or architecture would be exactly same profession.

For that, I write briefly about the Difference between Civil Engineering and Architecture? Hopefully it will enlighten especially for younger students who want to continue to higher education. Or maybe parents who want to direct their children, about what is civil engineering and what is architecture?

Then, what are the differences? Here is the review.

Equation in work nature:

  1. Both are engineering sciences. Civil engineering and architectural engineering both study and work in the fields of building, construction, projects and the like.
  2. Both study Engineering Drawings and building parts.
  3. There are the same courses, although the portions are different.


  1. Civil Engineering studies how to make the structure of a building that is sturdy, economical and efficient.
  2. The scope of civil engineering duties also oversees the activities and overall performance of the people involved in the construction project workmanship process.
  3. Architectural engineering focuses more on building design or studying a building in terms of its design beauty (art).
  4. In essence, the difference between civil engineering and architectural engineering majors is that civil engineering builds a building after receiving a drawing from the architect.

Lectures in architectural engineering do not focus on studying in depth structural design, how strong a building is, and so on. Meanwhile, the civil engineering department does not study the building as a work of art that is basically beautiful, the important thing is that it does not collapse.

Job Prospects Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Like other college majors, civil engineering and architecture majors each have a number of very promising job prospects. So, you don’t need to hesitate and worry about what you want to work one day, if you later take one of these two majors while studying. Then, what are the job prospects of this civil engineering and architectural department? Come on, see the description below!

Prospects of Civil Engineering Department

Some of these civil engineering jobs might be your choice when you graduate: . Building Contractor A building contractor or consultant is a company that provides construction services. Contractors are of course always needed to build a safe and efficient infrastructure. As a civil engineering graduate, you can choose a career in this profession.

Construction Manager

A person who works as a construction manager is responsible for everything from building design to project management. The project manager must consider issues related to the environment, water and determine the best position for the building. In addition, the construction manager will also supervise the progress of the construction project.

Apart from Construction Managers, job opportunities for civil engineering graduates are to become structural planners who will later act as architectural consultants. After the architect’s design is complete, the Structural Planner will make a calculation including the estimated building materials to be used. If needed, the Structural Planner will be assisted by the estimator and will visit the field.

Job Prospects Department of Architecture

Wherever the country is, architectural engineering is always needed to get nice job that continues to progress and develop. As an architectural engineering graduate, you don’t have to worry about a future career. Here are some options for where you can have a career:


In the minds of most people, of course, one of the job prospects for architectural engineering graduates is to become an architect.

The scope of work of an architect is to design the building to be built. Usually, the design is made by offering the architect’s idea to the client, then the client will respond so that later the design made with the agreement of both parties will become a guide in the implementation of a building work.


If you decide to have a career in the contracting world, you have a lot to learn and love to make a building instead of creating the building design itself. The scope of civil engineering in Pakistan is quite broad. Don’t worry about the competition in job market and just apply any of the above-mentioned civil engineering universities in Islamabad to secure your future.

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Civil engineering universities in Islamabad
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Civil engineering universities in Islamabad
Before telling you about Civil engineering universities in Islamabad we would like you to know what is scope of civil engineering ?
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