How to avoid cyber bulling?

How to avoid cyber bulling?


How to avoid cyber bulling has received much attention especially in this advanced tech era. We sometimes get trapped through the illegal usage of technology. Like two sides of a coin, technology not only brings positive results, but additionally unfavorable ones. One example is the action of cyber bullying that is now frequently identified. Although cyber bullying cases get serious attention, but you also still have to try to prevent it.

What is Cyber Bullying in 2020?

The term bullying is unquestionably quite common to the ear that refers to the ‘aggressive’ attitude that is used consistently towards others. Such aggressive or misbehavior can be done through physical, verbal relationships and online relation. The outcome of this behavior is quite serious, because it leads to mental interference with the object of its bullying.

Technology is used in cyber bullying

The cyber bullying itself is a repetitive aggressive behavior to others by utilizing technology. The criminals of cyber bullying frighten their victims by threatening, harassing and humiliating them. Since it is based on technology, the range of cyber bullying is also very wide, aka unlimited.

Most cyber bullying is related to issues of gender, sexual orientation, race, faith, ethnicity, and a person’s physical variations. This stuff is then used as weapon to discriminate. Therefore, do not be surprised if this activity becomes a form of breach of the law that must deal with the police.

Some examples, of such cases of cyber bullying that are often found are the activities of posting other people’s personal information in the form of pictures or videos with the aim to embarrass and hurt that person. There is no written or prior or verbal permission is received before sharing the personal properties. There is also a form of threats and curses through messages that have bad impacts on others.

Regrettably, normally the culprits of cyber bullying are very hard to track, since they’re generally anonymous. Discrimination is easier still, because the perpetrators do not have to meet face to face with the victim.

How to Prevent Cyber Bullying?

If cyber bullying actions can be done by anyone, then actually you may also do some protection measures. This is particularly obligatory for parents to know. Because the average case of cyber bullying involves adolescents, both as criminals and victims. Well here are a few important methods to prevent cyber bullying.

Prevention of cyber bullying by Yourself

Do you know in many cases the victims commit some errors due to which we see such problems? There are lots of things that can unwittingly trigger someone to turn into a victim of cyber bullying. Therefore, the first precautionary step that can be done must start from yourself.

Try to understand the nature of cyber bullying first

The first step you must do is know very well what cyber bullying really is. You will discover about cyber bullying through articles or by discussion with the tech people. Understanding this form of discrimination well will help you to avoid bullying.

Think 100 times Before Posting or Sending Photos

As already mentioned that it is not uncommon for cases of cyber bullying to come from the victims themselves. Usually this happens due to the habit of not filtering out posts, especially photos, properly. As a result, some photos posted might be bullied for many people.

Therefore, try to always think about your photos before posting them. This also applies when you send photos to other people. That way you can avoid the chance of becoming a victim of cyber bullying by others.

Keep full Privacy on Social Media

Privacy options on social media are very useful to prevent cyber bullying cases from happening to you. Although actually there is no information that is truly personal, but at least by regulating it those who can access your information are more filtered. You can decide to whom you want to share photos or not.

You should know who would be your viewers and who is in your friends list.

How to avoid cyber bulling?
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How to avoid cyber bulling?
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