What is DuckduckGo?

What is DuckduckGo?


As we know, a search engine called Google dominates smart devices all over the world. What’s more, if a user uses electronic mail from Google Mail, they will automatically connect to their Google account on their smart device.

This is what makes Google closer to users, from recording keywords, search history, location, and even faces.

On the one hand it is sophisticated, but on the other hand, it is scary, right? What if user data and privacy are leaked and misused? If everything starts from the history on the search engine of each device, won’t that be recorded too?

Are you aware that in the past few days there have been ads that accidentally match your interests and what have you been looking for? For example, the ad appears on the timeline of an article that you read on a website, blog, on YouTube videos, on social media Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you’ve noticed, now turn to DuckduckGo.

What is DuckduckGo?

What is DuckduckGo? There are several answers that can define the question what is DuckduckGo?

Privacy friendly version

DuckDuckGo is a search engine based technology company that cares about the privacy of user data. DuckDuckGo is also privacy friendly, does not store and sell user data to advertisers.

Search engine with the best results

Unlike Google which relies on “the most recent results” or most searches, DuckDuckGo actually displays also the results with the best search or “the best results”. Of course, this search result is a generalization of 400 sources. This includes site keywords on Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, and Yummly.

Inspired by children’s games

The name DuckDuckGo is quite unique, as it comes from a child’s play. This game involves the names of poultry in English such as duck and goose. So, when combined into DuckDuckGo.

We all know about Google, however it does not mean other search engines have no meaning or benefits. Technology cannot be underestimated. Each tech entity has a specific uses and benefits. If you come to know them then you are good to take advantages.

Founded 12 years ago

This search engine-based technology company was founded in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg. The company is based in Paoli, Pennsylvania, the city of Philadelphia, United States.

We should know the use of this search engine as well if we are doing some online work or if we are studying science. For example, a student of science needs some kind of research, when he or she performs regular search on browser then it can give a notification like, check mark it or prove you are human being. Such kinds of captcha filling steps become really painful during work.

Similarly, it becomes necessary, when we are doing research on some topic and we want to keep that secret or private from other users who may use the same system. This is a cool option that you may utilize during your whole project.

What is DuckduckGo?
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What is DuckduckGo?
What is DuckduckGo? There are several answers that can define the question what is DuckduckGo? Read details in Talibilm.pk
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