How to write an essay for CSS?

How to write an essay for CSS?


How to write an essay for CSS? The abbreviation of the CSS is Central Superior Services and the CSS exam is held every year in Pakistan. The CSS aspirants are judged on account of their abilities and knowledge skills, and personal traits.

The objective behind the CSS exams to shortlist all those candidates that are not only well-skilled and disciplined but well-mannered as well. These candidates are selected in 12 different divisions.

The list of compulsory subjects in the CSS exam

The list of all the compulsory subjects have been updated below,

  1. English (Precis and Composition)
  2. English Essay
  3. General Science and Ability
  4. Current Affairs
  5. Pakistan Affairs
  6. Islamic Studies or Alternative subject for Non-Muslims

How to write an essay for CSS?

The most important among them is the English Essay. Though the paper is of 100 marks, the candidate’s future entirely depends on it. It carries 100 marks and to pass this paper candidates need at least 40 marks.

Anybody skilled in writing a good as well as well-structured essay can easily cover the CSS exam as compared to the one who doesn’t know the basics of writing an essay.

CSS essay—A Make or Break for the candidate

For many students, writing an English essay of a good caliber may not seem a difficult task, however, there are ample of the students who find writing the English essays as a hard nut to crack. And the worries are quite true. It is observed from the past CSS exam results that hundreds are unable to write a good essay and this results in failing the CSS exam.

This article is particularly aimed at exploring the best ways through which you can get marks in essay writing paper in the CSS exams. This serves great importance as it is both the maker and the breaker for the candidates.

Some misconceptions regarding the English Essays   

Below are some misconceptions that either come from the mouth of the failed aspirants or from those online resources that have no proper understanding of the CSS English essay.

These misconceptions are,

  • English Essays have no particular syllabus
  • There are no rules for the essay writing
  • English essays are all about cramming
  • English essays should be done after the completion of the rest of the 11 subjects
  • No practice is required for the English essays

Candidates should be aware of all these facts.

In order to write an impressive and well-structured English essay, candidates should be very well aware of the basic information about writing an essay.

What are the essentials of an essay?

Below are some of the points that include in the essentials of an essay,

  • The structure of the Essay
  • Multiple ideas connected to the main topic
  • An engaging outline of the essay
  • Simple yet impressive vocabulary
  • Free of Grammatical Mistakes

Before starting up an essay, you need to brainstorm different ideas and points that link to the main topic. Jot down each thought and point that comes into your mind without even thinking of its relevance to the topic. The moment you will write down all the main points, then shortlist or eliminate all the irrelevant ideas. The arrangement of your focused points is very much necessary in order to make an organized and structured essay.

The other important point is the outline of the essay that should be very captivating. As it has been said and believed that the first impression is the last impressions. So, you have to make an interesting outline for your essay so that the examiner should get a good impression of your writing skills.

Then comes the main point, the body of the essay that should be apt and according to the main topic. You need to tell the examiner that your research on the main topic is quite apt and you know everything about it. Avoid exaggerating the irrelevant stuff as it will give a negative impression of you before the examiners.

Try to justify every point that you are including in your essay. Try to add examples or references where needed. However, don’t use more than 2 examples or references. Adding more references or examples creates a lot of mess and the examiner thinks that you have lost the track.

Try to connect paragraphs. This connection is very much important as it explains your understanding of the main topic. The more paragraphs are connected, the more your understanding of the main topic will come forth.

The last and the main point is your conclusion that should be impressive as well along with the outline or the introductory paragraph. Try to conclude your essay with positive and impressive thoughts.

The other important things that you should try to include in your essay are the headings or subheadings and some famous quotes from renowned philosophers.

How to write an essay for CSS?
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How to write an essay for CSS?
How to write an essay for CSS? The abbreviation of the CSS is Central Superior Services and the CSS exam is held every year in Pakistan.
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