What is Supervision in Education

What is Supervision in Education?


What is the supervision?

Supervision in any organization or firm refers to administrative duties. The work duties of the administrative workers are taken into account. According to Adam H. Dickey,

“Supervision is a planned program for improvement.”

According to the dictionary of education, the term supervision in education can be defined as,

“All efforts of designed schools towards providing leadership to teachers and other educational workers in the improvement of instruction; involves the stimulation of professional growth and development of teachers, the selection and revision of educational objectives, materials on instruction and methods of teaching and the evaluation of instruction.”

What is Supervision in Education

What is Supervision in Education? Educational supervision refers to the work duties of the administrative staff associated with the educational institutes. In educational sectors, the educational supervisors are responsible for the educational operations, disciplines, requirements, and rules.

The educational supervisors make sure that the faculty members and teachers are performing their duties well, students are getting a quality education and there should be no complaints regarding the educational discipline.

Educational supervision is also concerned with the “development of teachers and pupils”. The word supervision can also be used to improve the teachi8ing standards of the teachers in the educational fields.

However, this is believed to be an old concept as supervision is not only limited to the improvement of the teaching staff. In the modern era, the concept of supervision has completely changed. In the words of some of the experts, supervision demands a more superior perspective now. It requires a special position. In light of their viewpoints, supervision leads to encouragement, hard work, and leadership.

What are career opportunities in educational supervision?

There are lots of career opportunities for those who are involved in educational supervision. Being a principal of any educational institute will help you in bringing many reforms and rules to improve the quality of education in the said institute.

There are ample career opportunities in educational administration and supervision.

Apart from the principal, you can apply for the post of Assistant Principal, Dean, President, Director, Chairperson, and Department Head. The focuses may be different but the responsibilities and duties are the same in these professions.

Responsible for providing leadership

For instance, if you are a principal or assistant principal, you will be responsible for providing leadership goals to both students and the teachers. You can set teaching standards or performance goals to ensure a healthy educational environment.

Visiting classrooms regularly is also very important to have a check and balance on the quality of the education provided to the students. You can also schedule classes and teachers’ duties whenever needed. Below are some of the responsibilities of being a department head or Principal,

  • Scheduling classes
  • Creating committees
  • Taking care of the budget
  • Addressing necessary concerns
  • Managing teaching tasks for the professors

Educational Opportunities

If you are desirous to step into the educational supervision, then you first have to start your career as a teacher or an educator with a keen sense of knowledge and experience. Opting for the teaching profession requires a degree, licensure, and teaching training.

What is Supervision in Education
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What is Supervision in Education
What is Supervision in Education? Educational supervision refers to work duties of administrative staff associated with education institutes
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