Quaid e Azam university Islamabad fee structure

Quaid e Azam university Islamabad fee structure


In this post we are going to tell you about Quaid e Azam university Islamabad fee structure. Quaide-e-Azam university is one of the best universities in Pakistan. Each major field of study you can explore here. The main campus us at Islamabad.

We should always try to study in a university which offers best quality education. And if you want to know the qualities of a top class university then keep reading the rest of article.

A Top class university of Pakistan

A good or top class university usually depends on what you value most as a student and the desire to move away from your post-secondary experience. For example, some students may want a variety of research opportunities, library resources, and courses in a particular discipline, while others may prefer to interact, communicate, and study a wide variety of courses.

Typically, a good university should prioritize the following:

  • Hiring and supporting quality professors
  • Faculty would have the people who will teach you, this is the foundation of your university experience.
  • A wide variety of courses (including courses that are continually offered and with up-to-date research and developments).
  • Reasonable courses of study / Financial aid opportunities Extensive library and computing capabilities
  • Quality academic support services and adequate staff (academic advisors, faculty, TA, etc.)
  • Excellent support services and staff (administration, career services, advocacy for students, cost-sharing services, etc.)
  • Well maintained campus residences and positive living programs.
  • Healthy, varied food options and affordable food rates.
  • Research opportunities and funding for all departments and faculties.
  • Health and wellness support (counseling, medical services, gym) Security and safety services & opportunities for communication.

First of all, the infrastructure of the university must support and expand the work of its teachers, staff and students. Its people and processes will be responsive and students-centric. Its facilities, information resources and technology will fully support teaching, fellowship and outreach missions.

A top quality university

A top quality university must build an efficient and integrated modern suite of administrative applications that provides 24×7 access to university services and minimizes the effort required for each transaction.

The automation of administrative transactions and the use of information technology will be the keys to success.

So, below are the points that you should look for when choosing a university. Try to reach out to your seniors and inquire about placement, internship, etc.

International experience

International experience: International experience is often a highlight of higher education, so be sure to inquire if the institution offers international exchange, study abroad, and study opportunities on a tour, or has an out-of-town campus. There should be overseas research in relation to your course and the availability of travel grants and scholarships are considered.

These things must be considered before you chose to study in university for 3-4 years. The right selection of university means you are good to explore research opportunities. When there is a research in a university under advanced level of labs and technology then you can expect high quality output from students. It will enhance the career perspective for students.

Latest Quaid e Azam university Islamabad fee structure

Here we will be giving brief introduction about fee structure for bachelor as well as master degree programs in computer science, Management sciences, Pharm D or Technology

  1. Admission fee total: For regular students 27,310
  2. Self-finance or Evening Shift students’ total admission fee is 27,850
  3. For semester fee for example M.S programs would cost Rs. 48,720 and self-programs would be required to be paid like, Rs. 88,080.
  4. Fee structure for all other programs at Quaid e Azam university admission fee would be Rs. 26,850 and for evening programs admission fee will be 27,180 Pakistani rupees.
  5. Per semester fee will be Rs. 47,130 and for evening shift students the fee would be Rs. 89,156
  6. During summer period for BS programs tuition fee will be Rs,8085/-

At the time of Admission, following fee structure will be applied

  • Admission procession fee
  • Student card fee
  • Registration fee
  • Documents fee
  • Library card fee

So, this was a Quaid e Azam university Islamabad fee structure and this is really helpful for you whenever you decide to get admission in Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. For discounts or scholarships you can directly call or email them as per your academic performance.

Quaid e Azam university Islamabad fee structure
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Quaid e Azam university Islamabad fee structure
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