Which Country Is Called The Land Of Prophets?

Which Country Is Called The Land Of Prophets?


Did you ever wonder which country is called the land of prophets? Well, this country is the blessed land of Palestine.

Baitul-Maqdis, located in Palestine was the initial city for the Qibla, which means the direction in which Muslims used to face for prayer and it was  approximately 14 years, which was later on, by the order of Allah, changed to Kaabah in Makkah.

One of Islam’s pillars is faith. Thus, we believe in all the 124,000 Prophets who were sent by Allah to guide the people.

What was the purpose of the Prophets?

The Prophets, who were sent by the Almighty God, acted as His representatives in the world. They were the ones who had surveyed the messages of God to human beings to guide them.

Many of Allah’s Prophets migrated to the noble holy land of Palestine from their homelands, as they became aware of its value.

The Prophets lived within the exalted country of Palestine, whilst praying to also die in this sanctified land, emphasizing which country is called the land of prophets!

A Short Summary of Some of the Prophets: Palestine, the Country of the Prophets:

Prophet Muhammad PBUH:

Prophet Muhammad PBUH, was the greatest and final Prophet of ALLAH. The conclusive revelation of faith came from Him (PBUH).

Inside Jerusalem’s Old City, within the Muslim quarter the Noble Sanctuary or al-Haram-al-sharif, can be found. This third holiest site of Islam, following Mecca & Medina, encompasses a compound of 35 acres, the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

This mosque is known to be the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), actually was transferred to start journey towards the Israa & Miraaj.

The Al Aqsa Mosque, also poses to be the site through Israa & Miraaj, where  the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) led the rest of the Prophets – PBUT in prayer.

Prophet Musa (Moses) PBUH

Prophet Musa, (Moses) (PBUH), was the Prophet who traveled from Egypt, together with his followers, all the way from Egypt to the land of Palestine. Musa PBUH, died near Al-Quds, in accordance to his wish.

Several hundreds of Allah’s Messengers as well as a lot of Musa’s Companions – PBUH, were buried in Palestine.

Allah (SWT) sent Prophet Musa PBUH to Egypt’s Pharaoh as well as the Israelites for guidance.  In Islam He has a special place with the Towrat, the holy book which was revealed to him.

Prophet Musa PBUH, is the prophet who is mentioned many times in the Quran.

Sultan Salahhudin Ayyubi, in accordance with tradition had a dream that Prophet Musa PBUH, burial place was Maqam El-Nabi, which is situated in occupied West Bank, south of Jericho. To His Honor a mosque was built at this site.

The Maqam forms one of the vastest religious architectural establishments in Palestine. Some renowned Prophets & Companions, buried within Palestine, include: Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) PBUH, Prophet Yaqoob ( Jacob) PBUH, Prophet Ishaq (Isaac) PBUH & Prophet Yousuf (Joseph) PBUH.

Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon) PBUH

Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon) PBUH,  born in Jerusalem, was Prophet Dawood’s (David) PBUH youngest son.

A lot of gifts were bestowed on Him by Allah (SWT), which included the ability to control Jinns, speaking to animals. He ruled over Palestine for 30 years, after his father passed away. He gave his Jinns a demand to restore the Mosque Al Aqsa, situated within Jerusalem’s’ Old City.

It is told that 2 pillars and some walls were assembled by Sulaiman’s PBUH Jinns, which is still visible within the basement region of the mosque.

Prophet Sulaiman’s PBUH Mausoleum is located within the Al Aqsa mosque, and we often read that he died there, whilst he was bending on his staff for special tasks.

Which Country Is Called the Land of Prophets and introduction about Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) PBUH:

Prophet Yusuf PBUH, who was a Prophet Yaqoob (Jacob’s) PBUH favorite son saw the first light in Jerusalem. Prophet Yusuf PBUH, in Islamic history, became a highly revered man.

In the Quran, Prophet Yusuf’s PBUH story is experienced as one of the foremost beautiful suras. In Galilee, the “Jubb Yusse” can be found and is thought of to actually be the well within which the brothers of Prophet Yusuf PBUH had thrown him.

He is considered the last Prophet who was buried at the Ibrahimi-Mosque situated in the West Bank’s occupied land in Hebron.

Prophet Yaqoob (Jacob) PBUH

The Prophet Yaqoob PBUH was Prophet Ishaq’s (Isaac) PBUH son and born in Palestine. He led his life in his grandfather and father’s footsteps, by spreading God’s Oneness, message.

He advised his followers both to pray & giving in charity. He passed away in Egypt as he travelled to Northern Iraq, returned to Palestine after which he settled in Egypt. He was buried together with his father, in Hebron, Palestine, which was his final wish.

The tomb of Prophet Yaqoob PBUH is within the Ibrahimi-Mosque, which is also called the “Cave of the Patriarchs.”

This mosque comprises of the tombs of the following Prophets: Ibrahim PBUH, Prophet Ishaq PBUH, his son, Prophet Yaqoob PBUH, his son and Prophet Yusuf PBUH his son, respectively.

Prophet Lut (Lot) PBUH

Prophet Ibrahim PBUH, was Prophet Lut’s PBUH paternal uncle. Allah (SWT) commanded Lut to spread Islam’s message to the people living in Sodom & Gomorrah.

The Quran stated that this community was consequently destroyed when they failed to pay attention. However, Prophet Lut PBUH with his family were spared, except his wife.

Assumingly this community lived in an area which is currently the Dead Sea, which is a salt lake located between Jordan & the West Bank.

Prophet Lut’s PBUH tomb is located in a Palestinian town called Bani Na’im, which is situated within the occupied West-Bank just south of Hebron, whilst his daughters’ tomb can be located on a nearby hill.

Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) PBUH

Prophet Ibrahim PBUH was an example of virtue, always obedient and dedicated to Allah and grateful for His blessings.  As the Prophets’ Father, he experienced a lot of miracles as well as trials over his lifespan which only brought him nearer to Allah (SWT).

Each year Muslims, commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s PBUH, submission to Allah (SWT), marking Eid al Adha.

Prophet Ibrahim PBUH and his family spent a lot of years in Palestine. His tomb can be found in Hebron, in occupied West Bank at the Masjid-e-Khalil, whilst his wife Sarah – may Allah be pleased with her – is buried with him.

An oak tree of approximately 5,000 years old, west of Hebron, is named the Oak of Prophet Ibrahim PBUH. Apparently, Prophet Ibrahim PBUH, pitched his tent there, when he was travelling.

The world heritage body of the United Nations, because of this site’s significance, recognized the city of Hebron to be a world heritage site in Palestine.

Prophet Ishaq (Isaac) PBUH

Prophet Ishaq PBUH poses to be an important prophet within Islam. He was Prophet Ibrahim PBUH’s, second son and He was a miraculous gift bestowed on Prophet Ibrahim PBUH, from Allah (SWT).

After Prophet Ibrahim PBUH, his father’s death, he continued to preach Allah’s (SWT) message.

Prophet Ishaq PBUH’s tomb is situated at the Mosque of Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi located at the Hebron Hills, whilst it is considered to be one of Islam’s most religious places.

Prophet Isa (Jesus) PBUH

Prophet Isa PBUH was born in Bethlehem which now is in the occupied West Bank. He lived in Palestine, whilst spreading Allah’s (swt) message.

A lot of miracles, like healing the sick as well as bringing dead persons back to life was bestowed on Prophet Isa PBUH. According to the majority of scholars the Nativity Church, located in occupied West Bank had been established over Prophet Isa PBUH’s birth place.

A stone block inside this church earmarks the site of a palm tree which was shaken by Maryam PBUH, his mother, during labour pains.

It is said that the place in Al-Quds, Mount of Olives, marks the site from which Prophet Isa PBUH, had ascended to heaven.

We are giving you all details regarding, Which Country Is Called The Land Of Prophets? And this post will enhance your knowledge about the history of Islam as well.

Prophet Dawud (David) PBUH

Prophet Dawud PBUH was known for strength, wisdom and his devotion to Allah (SWT).

For 40 years he ruled Palestine, 7 years in Hebron, and in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), 33 years. The influence of Prophet Dawud is observed to be highly important to Al-Quds (Jerusalem’s) religious architecture.

Islamic tradition believes, his tomb is a “maqam”, marking the place where Prophet Dawud PBUH had once stayed; instead of on Mount Zion,  outside Al-Quds, the old city.

This article pointed out which country is called the land of prophets, indeed and hope now you have enough knowledge about the most important prophets and messengers of Allah.

Which Country Is Called The Land Of Prophets?
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Which Country Is Called The Land Of Prophets?
Did you ever wonder which country is called the land of prophets? Well, this country is the blessed land of Palestine.
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