8 richest foundations in World.

8 richest foundations in World


Here you will see 8 richest foundations in World. They are playing very important role to improve the standard of life in poor countries. These are working to raise the educational quality where the literacy ratio is very dangerous.

Below is a list of the richest foundations in the world, mostly these are charitable foundations and private foundations engaged in philanthropy.

1.Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United States

The foundation of Bill & Melinda Gates is no doubt very famous in all over the world. Basically it was founded in 2000 and do you know where was it based at? Yup it was based in Seattle, Washington. Assets owned by this foundation amount to over $60 .7 billion.

The main objective of the foundation is to improve health services and reduce extreme poverty globally. While in the US, the focus is to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology.

2.Novo Nordisk Foundation, Denmark

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Novo Nordisk foundation has distributed more than $ 400 million annually for research in life and biosciences.

In addition, since 2010, Novo Nordisk has contributed more than $ 2.3 billion to research (mainly at public universities and hospitals), innovation, medicine, education, and other humanitarian and social goals.

The total net worth of the Novo Nordisk foundation calculated in 2018 is $ 49.1 billion. The net worth of Novo foundation in 2020 is also 4 times higher than the 2018.

3.INGKA Stichting Foundation, the Netherlands

The INGKA Stichting Foundation was founded by Ingvar Kamprad who is also the founder of IKEA. Kamprad founded the foundation with his company lawyer, Linnea Walsh.

Founded in 1982, the foundation’s total wealth of $ 37 billion approximately was used to promote and support innovation in architectural and interior design. But lately, INGKA Sticting began to target children in developing countries in channeling their assistance.

4.Wellcome Trust, United Kingdom

The headquarters of the Wellcome Trust foundation is in London. This foundation was established by Sir Henry Wellcome and the year was 1936 to fund research to improve human and animal health.

With assets of 26.9 pounds sterling, the foundation supports biomedical research and continues to improve public understanding of science.

5.Howard Hughes Medical Institute, United States

Founded in 1953 by the initiative of American businessman Howard Hughes, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute is engaged in biological and medical research in the United States.

The foundation, based in Maryland, USA has spent $ 1 million per investigator per year and around 4 825 million in biomedical research.

Meanwhile, the total net worth of the foundation is $ 22.7 billion, which makes it the second largest philanthropic organization in the United States.

6.Azim Premji Foundation, India

In 2013, Azim Hashim Premji the founder of the foundation agreed to give half of his wealth by signing The Giving Pledge. As such, Premji began donating $ 2.2 billion to the Azim Premji Foundation, which is engaged in education in India.

The total wealth of the foundation based in Bangalore, India is $ 22 billion approximately.

7.Open Society Foundations, United States

It is an international grant network founded by George Soros. This foundation financially supports civil society groups in all parts of the world.

The main objective is to declare justice, education, public health, and independent media.

Since its founding in 1993, OSF has reported spending of more than $ 12 billion in grants to NGOs. The total wealth owned by the foundation is $ 20.6 billion.

8.The Garfield Weston Foundation, England

The Garfiels Weston Foundation is one of the major charitable organizations in the world. And if you want to know the total estimated assets of Garfield Foundation then these are almost $ 16.7 billion.

Founded by W. Garfield Weston in 1958, this foundation has helped charities directly by providing services and activities to those in need, primarily to a number of schools including primary schools, and is a sponsor of the Baker Dearing Educational Trust which promotes Technical Colleges.

So basically, these charity foundations or organizations are working to promote the educational activities. The IT infrastructure should be of advanced level. These countries are already very developed and they must try to distribute big amount of donations to the under developing countries. Because the people in these countries deserve the most.

8 richest foundations in World.
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8 richest foundations in World.
Here you will see 8 richest foundations in World. They are playing very important role to improve the standard of life in poor countries
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