Subjective Type Questions Examples

Subjective Type Questions Examples


There are two types of questions; Subjective Questions and Objective Questions. This article aims at providing the definition as well as the list of the subjective type questions examples to the students in order to remove any kind of ambiguity from their minds.

Before heading towards digging out more and more examples of the subjective questions, let us first figure out what subjective questions are. So, let’s get started!

What is a subjective test?

A subjective test is all about the opinion of other people regarding different matters. For instance, you can prepare a questionnaire, and then you have to ask people to fill this questionnaire and they will give their opinion about the certain topic that you have addressed. Another example of the subjective type questions is essay writing where a student is desired to provide his opinion regarding a certain topic or subject. This also helps in making writing techniques strong. Students who use to do excessive essay writing become great content writers. These types of questions are usually conducted at the university level where students have to work according to the facts and what other people think about a specific topic.

Whereas an objective test is all about multiple choice questions, or true and false statements. An objective test is always marked objectively giving full marks to the students. When subjective tests are compared with the objective tests, it is observed that the subjective tests are more demanding, expensive, and challenging to handle. However, subjective tests are always realistic, based on modern facts, authentic opinions, and valid.

Teachers can also prepare students for the subjective tests by conducting trial paragraph writings or complaint letters that addressed a certain committee. Teachers can guide them on how to address and prepare an effective piece of writing.

Subjective Type Questions Examples

Coming back to the subjective type questions example, below we have mentioned a list of examples of the subjective tests for your convenience. First of all, let us take examples of the survey questions. They are one of the subjective type questions. In survey questions, students prepare a questionnaire that addresses a specific topic. For example, it may concern health issues, behaviors of teachers as well as students, the role of a certain party in the society, or any other related subjects.

Under such topics, students desire other people to provide their opinion and attitude towards the said concern. People can mark true or false or they have been provided with 5 options with statements such as, Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, and strongly disagree. Hence a proper survey is being made taking in mind the opinion of the public.

What are the different types of survey questions?

Below are some of the major types of survey questions,

  • Open ended Questions
  • Close ended Questions
  • Rating Questions
  • Ranking Questions
  • Demographic questions
Subjective Type Questions Examples
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Subjective Type Questions Examples
Article aims at providing definition subjective type questions examples to the students in order to remove any kind of ambiguity.
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